Apple Mac Repairs

So your Apple Mac has problems?

We repair a number of problems on Apple Mac computers; this includes Apple iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro with Retina display, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, PowerBook. Unlike many competitors, we are capable of carrying out Mac repairs down to component levels.

Apple Mac computers and laptops are quite different from other computers and laptops. Apple Mac parts are generally smaller and more sophisticated than many other computers. Mac OS X operating systems are vastly different from Windows systems. Handling Apple Mac is not something that most Windows technicians are capable of. At Safemode, our technicians work on Apple Mac computers on a daily basis, fixing many types of problems from software issues to major hardware failure.

Let us help you. Our Mac support services include,

  • Remove virus on Apple Mac computers.
  • Repairs on Apple MacBook laptop screens, including replacing broken glass cover, replacing broken screen, fixing flickering screen, fixing screen backlight issues.
  • Fix problems with Apple Mac computers running slow, unstable, crashes.
  • Replace or repair Apple MacBook keyboard and/or trackpad, including MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.
  • Repairs on Apple Mac with jammed keyboard keys, fix problems with Shift key always engaged.
  • Fix Apple Mac problems at startup, i.e. folder icon with question mark, or stuck at Apple logo and spinning sheel at startup, or circle with a slash through, or just blank white/grey screen, or error message “press and hold the power button for 5 seconds…”, etc.
  • Replace or repair damaged Apple MacBook power socket DC jack.
  • Replace or repair damaged logic board for MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.
  • Repairs on Apple Mac not turning on problems, including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro.
  • Replace Apple Mac hard drives, RAM, graphics video card, CD DVD drive, battery, power adaptor.
  • Replace and repair damaged Apple Mac parts.
  • Repair Apple Mac with liquid spill damages.
  • Fix problems with Apple Mac makes noise, dust, over-heating issues.
  • Recover data from Apple Mac computers and laptops.
  • Help to set up Apple Mac computers and laptops, printers, connect to the Internet and network, set up a secured wireless network, firewall.
  • Help to set up and troubleshoot Time Machine backup, AirPort wireless routers.
  • Upgrade Apple Mac computers and laptops, system maintenance and optimisation, boost speed and performance and much more

Your Apple Mac computer used to work great but isn’t anymore; call the best apple service centre in Sydney now for a quote.

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