Desktop Computer Repairs

So your computer has problems?

Is your desktop computer slow? Crashing? Or having spyware & viruses? Or is Windows not starting at all? We can always help.

Desktop computers are usually easier and cheaper to fix comparing to laptops because replacement parts are widely available, more standardized and cheaper. It is always worth fixing your computers rather than buying a new one and going through the hassle of setting it up again. Also keep in mind that desktop computers are generally more reliable and faster than laptops.

Your desktop computer may still have lots of values. With just some changes, maintenance and optimization, we will get your computer to work at its best, just like new!

Let us help you

  • Remove virus and spyware.
  • Fix blue screen of death errors.
  • Troubleshoot Windows not starting problems, i.e. unsuccessful start-up repair, missing or corrupted DLL files, NTLDR missing error, blue screen errors, black screen errors, cannot log in to user profile, forgotten windows log-in password, etc.
  • Repairs on computers not turning on.
  • Fix problems with computers running slow, unstable, crashes.
  • Repairs on problems with computer making noise, dust, over-heating issues.
  • Repair and replace damaged desktop computer parts.
  • Recover data from desktop computers.
  • Help to set up computers, printers, connect to the Internet and network, set up a secured wireless network, and firewall.
  • Troubleshoot network problems, wireless problems.
  • Upgrade desktop computers, system maintenance and optimisation, boost speed and performance and much more.

If your computer is not working as it should be, call us now to have our computer technicians diagnose the problem and provide you with a quote.

Home Computer Plans

You can get free computer services, maintenance and tech support

Unlimited virus removals. Unlimited computer tune-ups. Free premium internet security software.
Free installation of devices, operating system, software and hardware and so much more!
Home Computer Plans