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Remove Firmware Lock (Padlock icon) on old Apple iMac Computer

This is a great tip that we are sharing with owners of old Apple Mac computer who has forgotten firmware password on older Apple iMac (2009 models or older). If your Apple iMac powers on and shows a padlock icon asking for password, it has firmware password lock on it. You can remove this firmware password by following this simple

3 Computer Hardware Elements Our Computer Repairs Technicians Consider For Long-Lasting Quality

When investing in a computer, you want the best bang for your buck. While everyone has different needs for their workhorse, there are some hardware elements and components that can help your machine last longer. Indicators of a hardware build that’s made to last include: 1. OEM components OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This equipment is anything from standard nuts,

The 3 Most Common Apple Mac Repairs Encountered By Technicians

Apple devices are known for their design and their high prices. As a result, many Mac users seek to repair their Apple products rather than paying the price of replacing them. While Apple Macs have a limited lifespan, there are 3 common repairs that are simple fixes that can keep them going the extra mile.   1. Battery Replacement All

Laptop Screen Repair: The Safe Mode Laptop Repairs Diagnostic Guide

Is your laptop screen broken but not cracked? We’ve created a diagnostic guide to help you understand and identify direct and indirect problems with your laptop screen. Laptops are the ultimate all-in-one device. The seamless combination of hardware and software makes them appealing to many people. For this reason, they’re often the only device owned by many people. Due to

Safemode help launch Spare Staff

Safemode team is pleased to help launch of new start-up Spare Staff. We are proud to help providing IT infrastructure for the company. Spare Staff is a social platform that connects employers who would like to share their employees for extra profit, and help employers to find, hire employees for short and long-term contract. Spare Staff's mission is to empower employee

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Apple iMac fan noise running constantly at full speed after hard drive replacement or upgrade

In this article, we will address issue of Apple iMac fan noise running constantly at full speed after hard drive replacement or hard drive upgrade. If your Apple iMac computer has hard drive replaced or upgraded recently and you notice that the computer fan is noisy at all time, the fan appears to be running constantly at full speed even