When investing in a computer, you want the best bang for your buck. While everyone has different needs for their workhorse, there are some hardware elements and components that can help your machine last longer.

Indicators of a hardware build that’s made to last include:

1. OEM components

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This equipment is anything from standard nuts, bolts, screws, and at times, entire devices. This also includes components (such as capacitors), that you can open, change, or replace without any special tools.

OEM components are often of a higher quality than specially designed components that are specific to a brand or product. They are created for a wide range of products and purposes; and because the manufacturers are focused on developing these components, they are subject to a rigorous quality assurance process.

These components are easy to work with, replaceable, and built to withstand a variety of uses –  which is why Safemode Computer Service technicians recommend them.


2. Ample ventilation

Computers are constantly battling heat. As a result, ventilation is a crucial factor in the design considerations of every PC; incorporating fans and ventilation slots into the interior.

While every computer will have these elements, some do it better than others. For example, computers that have ventilation slots at the top or sides of their casing will generally do a better job than those that have ventilation slots at the bottom of the case.

The main reason for this is dust; which naturally accumulates on the ground. Computers that are set up on carpet are particularly vulnerable to dustry interiors, and therefore heat, which can be damaging to the hardware components inside the computer.


For these reasons, it’s especially important to consider both:

  • Where the ventilation ports are on the device
  • Where and on which surfaces you’ll be putting your computer

Our computer repairs technicians have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly insides of dusty and overheated computes. If you suspect you have an issue with your hardware due to dust or heat, contact us for a diagnostic analysis.


3. Find the right machine for your needs

No matter how good the build is, if the computer isn’t made for your needs, it’s unlikely to last. Tsks like high quality graphic renderings or computer game generation are highly taxing, and can overexert standard computers to breaking point.

It may be common sense, but doing your research when investing in a computer really pays off in the long run.
Safemode Computer Service technicians are experts in diagnosing and repairing computers. Contact us to keep your computer running optimally for years to come.