After-sales Support

After having your computer serviced by us, you can get our assistance free of charge within our 90-day guarantee to get your computer configured and back to working order. To obtain support, please bring your computer to our store for assistance over the counter. The support is exclusive to existing customers for the same computer only and not transferable to another person:

  • Setup and configuration of email with common email providers: Telstra Bigpond, Optus, iiNet, TPG, Google Gmail, Yahoo emails, Microsoft emails (eg, emails). If your email provider is not in this list, make sure to contact your email provider to obtain email configuration settings before bringing your computer to us (eg incoming and outgoing mail server settings).
  • Instruction on how to back up or restore data from your TimeMachine backup: we’ll show you how to restore your data from your TimeMachine backup. The data restoration takes time to finish. You’ll then need to follow the instruction to restore your data at home/office.
  • How to reinstall your Microsoft Office 365 desktop apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) if you had previously subscribed to Office 365 monthly or yearly subscription. Microsoft Office suite is not free. If you had not purchased one, you’ll need to purchase it online or from a local retailer.
  • Restoring email backup for POP3 email accounts.
    Note: IMAP and Exchange emails do not need to be backed up and restored. Your emails are saved in the cloud and will be sync’d to your computer after you’ve re-set up your email accounts on your computer.
  • How to reinstall your antivirus software (personal/home edition only) if you had previously subscribed to Norton antivirus, Trend Micro antivirus, or McAfee antivirus. If you had not purchased one, you’ll need to purchase it online or from a local retailer. If your antivirus software is part of your company’s, please contact your company’s IT department instead.
  • Computer wipeout and Windows / macOS reinstallation if necessary (eg if you suspect your computer has virus).
    Note: make sure to back up your data before obtaining this service. Charges apply if you need us to back up and restore your data.
  • Installing and connecting to Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone mobile broadband devices.

We’re unable to provide after-sales support for:

  • Onsite support at your home or office.
  • Over-the-phone support.
  • Remote support because this requires a monthly fee to purchase SaaS software for this.
  • Printer installation or configuration: the printer must be present to be installed. Thus, it cannot be installed in our store.
  • Internet or wireless/wired networking setup: this must be done by an onsite technician at your home or office.
  • Business IT support: every business has their own IT systems. Please contact your company’s IT department instead.
  • Mobile phone or tablet support: we’re specialised in computers only and our knowledge on mobile phone, tablet is limited.
  • Other third-party software support such as MYOB, Adobe Creative Suite: this is simply because we are not familiar with accounting or graphics design software. Please contact the software vendor directly.