Macintosh Computers are more popular than ever. They are great for photos, games, art and applications.

Unfortunately, new Macs are not lasting as long as older Macs have done. While 2008-2011 Macintosh model shad an average lifespan of around 8 years, 2012+ Apple Mac computers have a lifespan of approximately 3-5 years. This is the standard time period that you will see current models last for.

Although not an indication of lifespan at all, Apple only provide a warranty of one year on Apple Macs. Apple also consider greater than four years of age to be vintage in terms of their products.

As experts in Apple Mac Repairs Sydney, we have found that demands on software and constant App updates are not keeping up with the hardware on Macintosh systems. Apple Macs are often used for graphics, lots of applications, music, videos, photos and games. All of these take up resources.

If your Mac is faulty or needs upgrading think of the cost of repairing rather than replacing when making a decision. Increasing modifications of Apple software can force you to upgrade your device to utilise the latest operating systems and operate at maximum speed.

Macs are not as easy to upgrade as PCs and laptops are. The latest versions – starting with 2011 IMacs and 2012 Macbooks pros, have less and less options when it comes to upgrading them. That being said, in some cases it is highly beneficial to repair or upgrade your Mac Computer. For Apple Mac Repairs Sydney, contact us for a quote.

The way that you use, maintain and upgrade your Mac will have an impact on how it lasts and whether it should be repaired or replaced. Treating your Mac with care will see it last longer than the standard lifespan. If you are a lighter user of software your Apple device will last you much longer. Hot environments, poor ventilation and rough handling when transporting your Apple will see its lifespan lessen.

When purchasing a new Mac, we advise you to buy the best version that you can afford and keep it for as long as possible. Using a Mac is a unique and fun experience. There is nothing quite like it! On a Mac computer you can achieve terrific results for work, as well as experiencing many enjoyable hours of amusement,leisure and entertainment.

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