Quality Apple Mac computer screen repairs

Apple Mac computer has one of the best screens on the market – the Retina-display screen. When it comes to replacing the screen for your beloved Mac, you want a high-quality screen, excellent workmanship and great attention to detail.

That’s what we do. Learn more about our award-winning Apple repairs services.

Apple screen repair is common repairs that we do on a daily basis. Since 2004, our Apple Mac technicians have replaced thousands of screens on Apple MacBook Air laptops, Apple MacBook Pro laptops, and Apple iMac too.

We service Sydney, inner city, Inner West, Eastern suburbs, lower north Sydney area.

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Why choose our Apple computer screen repairs

  • On-the-spot Free quote: we give quotes within minutes even when you do walk-in. Unlike Apple store and many other stores, there is no need for you to book an appointment with us.
  • Fast turn-around time:

fast apple computer repairs

For common Apple MacBook Air and Apple MacBook Pro models, turn-around time is approx 1-2 business days (subject to stock availability).

  • High-quality Apple spare parts:

high quality apple parts

Your Apple Mac screen is stunning and it deserves high-quality spare parts. We’ll replace broken screens with genuine Apple screens which come with 1-year standard warranty against defects.

  • We can replace screens for “vintage” Apple Mac too:

It is known that Apple stores do not fix “vintage” Mac computers (4 or 5+ year-old Mac). Apple certainly makes more money from selling you their new products.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We fix Apple computers that are as old as 15 years.

  • No appointment is needed. 7 days a week: There is no need to wait weeks for an appointment at Apple stores. With us, an appointment is no longer required. Just bring it to our store anytime at your convenience.
  • Drop into our store, or pickup and delivery are available: You can drop into our store or we can arrange courier pickup to fit your busy schedule.
  • A greener planet:

choose Apple Repairs vs Replace for a greener planet earth

Would you throw away your iPhone if its screen is broken? Certainly not.

It’s the same for your Apple Mac laptop.

By choosing Repairs instead of Replace, you’ll also help reduce e-Waste issue on third-world countries.

Our Sydney Apple computer screen repairs services include

Apple MacBook Air screen replacement

Our laptop repair services can help replace screens on Apple MacBook Air 11-inch, 13-inch for both non-Retina and Retina-display MacBook Air laptops.

If your Apple MacBook Air laptop screen is showing any of these problems:

  • The screen is flickering.

apple screen flickering problem

  • Crack on the screen.

crack on apple laptop screen

  • Bleeding image on the screen.
  • Horizontal lines or vertical lines on the screen.

faded lines on laptop screen

macbook pro lines on screen

  • The screen has lost its backlight and becomes dimmed.
  • The screen is not showing picture at all but the laptop works on an external monitor.
  • The screen image is distorted.

The screen will need to be replaced in this case.

Sometimes, the problem is not obvious. The actual issue may be something else rather than the screen itself.

Or, you might be unsure if other parts in your Apple MacBook Air laptop is still working well, then it’s best to leave it to our experienced Mac technicians to diagnose and confirm with you.

Apple MacBook Pro screen replacement

Apple MacBook Pro screen replacement is common.

It’s not because the MacBook Pro screen is bad. It’s simply because the laptop is very popular hence we receive many Apple MacBook Pro laptops that need screen repairs.

The side bezel in Apple MacBook Pro Retina-display is only about 2mm wide. Any major impact on its side will lead to damage to the screen.

The gap between the screen and the keyboard is also very thin. If you forget a paper clip on the keyboard and close the screen hard, it may lead to damage to the screen.

If your Apple MacBook Pro screen is showing any of the problems below, it may need to be replaced:

  • Flickering screen on Apple MacBook Pro screen.
  • Crack on the front glass.

macbook pro screen repairs

  • Bleeding image on the front screen.
  • Broken hinge on MacBook Pro screen panel.
  • The screen lost its backlight and becomes dimmed.
  • The screen loses its picture when the lid is open past a certain angle.
  • The screen backlight is showing a “stage-like” image.

apple macbook pro screen backlight replacement

  • Horizontal or vertical lines on the screen.

apple macbook pro screen replacement

We can replace screen for these Apple MacBook Pro laptop models:

  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina-display 13″ screen replacement.
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina-display 15″ screen replacement.
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina-display 16″ screen replacement.
  • Vintage Apple MacBook Pro screen replacement.

General turn-around time is 1 to 2 business days provided that the screen is in stock at our suppliers.

The new screens are genuine Apple parts and come with a 1-year standard manufacturer warranty.

Apple iMac screen replacement

Apple iMac is a desktop computer that sits in one place for the most of the time. Hence they don’t have screen damage often.

But we have seen Apple iMac with screen damage sometimes. Replacing screens for Apple iMacs is expensive because the part itself is bulky and fragile.

The shipping cost alone for the iMac screen is already expensive. If your Apple iMac has damaged screen, contact us for a free quote.

Learn more about our award-winning computer repairs.

How to get your Apple laptop screen fixed at our store

Our Apple repairs store is a shopfront that opens to the public 7 days a week. No appointment is necessary.

Unlike many other stores that charge a diagnosing fee, we do not charge for our diagnostic when you bring your Apple Mac computer in for a quote.

It’s an obligation-free quote. You’ll decide if you want to proceed with our quote.

If you choose not to proceed with the quote, you can simply take your Mac computer back, pay nothing and have a think about it.

How much does it cost to replace the screen for my Apple computer?

Replacing screens for Apple laptops is certainly not as cheap as other laptops. This is simply because Apple is a premium product and its part is more expensive compared to Acer, ASUS, and some HP or Dell laptops.

The good news is that screens for Apple laptops are widely available in the market due to the high demand of Apple computers.

Apple has made hundreds of models for Apple MacBook Air and Apple MacBook Pro laptops. The cost to replace the screen varies from $200 all the way up to $1,200+ depending on which model your Apple laptop is.

First, you will need to have a technician inspect your Apple laptop to confirm that the issue is actually the screen. Then, you can get the exact model number or Serial number to get a quote for replacing the screen.

How long does it take to fix my Mac?

For common Apple screen repairs, turn-around time is usually 1 to 2 business days. However, some repairs need more time.

This is subject to spare part availability at our suppliers.

My Apple laptop needs screen repairs, how do I know if there is something else wrong with it?

It is important to have an experienced Apple Mac computer technician to test your computer before concluding the screen is the fault, and if there is something else wrong with it.

Though you can go ahead and order in a screen as a replacement for Apple Mac laptop, it is best to have it checked out prior to repairs.

Our Apple Mac technician have extensive experience in repairing Apple Mac computers, we know what to look for and can identify problems quickly.

What guarantees do I get after repairs?

For most Apple screen repairs that we replace with a brand new screen, it will come with 1-year standard warranty.

If the screen develops defects such as lines on the screen, or backlight issue within the warranty period, you can return it to our store for a free replacement.

The screen must not have any physical damage such as cracks or major dents that may have caused the damages.

Sometimes, the dent may cause small damage to the front glass at the beginning. But it will get worse over time. Any physical damage to the screen will void the warranty.

Ready for us to fix your Apple laptop?

Visit our Sydney computer repair store or call 1800 85 83 82 or 02 9516 2966 for any questions.

Alternatively, you can email info@safemode.com.au or send us a message online.