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Safemode helps launch FindEmployee.com.au

Today we are excited to announce that we have helped launch FindEmployee FindEmployee is an ambitious employee matching platform that uses AI to automatically match employers with qualified job seekers. Employers can send FindEmployee  a job vacancy, and through FindEmployee's AI system, qualified job seekers will be sent to the employers for review. The AI

Battery Calibration

After a new battery is installed for your laptop, it should be calibrated as soon as possible. This helps your laptop get an accurate reading on the battery’s state of charge. Note that you do not have to calibrate your new battery immediately. If you forget to do so, you can do it later without

Safemode help launch Spare Staff

Safemode team is pleased to help launch of new start-up Spare Staff. We are proud to help providing IT infrastructure for the company. Spare Staff is a social platform that connects employers who would like to share their employees for extra profit, and help employers to find, hire employees for short and long-term contract. Spare Staff's

Apple iMac fan noise running constantly at full speed after hard drive replacement or upgrade

In this article, we will address issue of Apple iMac fan noise running constantly at full speed after hard drive replacement or hard drive upgrade. If your Apple iMac computer has hard drive replaced or upgraded recently and you notice that the computer fan is noisy at all time, the fan appears to be running

Importance of Apple Mac Computer Maintenance

To ensure that your Apple Mac stays working at optimum capacity it does need to be regularly maintained. Even though Macs are hardy and are one of the best computers on the market, they are not immune to security threats and computer bugs.   Investigate Any Errors If your Mac crashes or has any system

HP Laptop Repairs

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a well known name in computer market. For many years, HP has been the world's leading PC manufacturers. In 2013, HP was the world's second-largest PC vendor by unit sales. HP manufactures a wide range of computers and laptops, common HP laptops are HP Pavilion series, HP Envy series, HP ProBook series,

Apple MacBook Laptop Repairs

For many years, Microsoft has enjoyed its dominance in personal computer market. Majority of personal computer operating system was Windows. PC manufacturers have been installing Microsoft Windows on their computers. But this all changed since the days Apple computers took its turn and became one of the most popular computer brands. You can't help but notice

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