At SafeMode Computer Repair Shop Sydney, we assure youthat whether the issue is a slow system, networking issues, or software malfunctioning, rebooting is always the first option. If you have a computer issue, rebooting will generally fix it. But why does this work and why is there not a better way that we can fix these problems?

Rebooting Resets Resources

When you reboot, whether it be on your PC, Mac, tablet or I-Phone everything is reset to its original state. Each program that is running on your device uses system resources. Rebooting clears these resource usages and sets your device back to how it should be. At SafeMode Computer Repair North Shore office we haveusually found that this enables your PC to work at optimum speed again when it has been running slow.

Other Issues

Restarting your computer whenyou have printer issues, driver issues and other software issues works on the same principle – you start with a clean slate. Power cycling your device clears the cache and resets the software.

Continuous Looping

Computers are programmed to monitor events and respond. They are constantly looping to observe and record changes made to the device. An infinite loop cannot be modified while it is running. Hence when new software is installed, or updates are made, windows will usually require a reboot of the system.

To put things in basic terms, a reboot will fix the majority of errors because whenit is power-cycled it forgets the issues that were occurring when it was last switched on. Rebooting is the first troubleshooting step for any computer problem. Some issues such as corrupted software, hardware failure or viruses cannot be fixed by a reboot. For Mac, notebook, PC and laptop repairs Sydney areas contact us at Safe Mode.

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