“Leave it to the experts”: Computer hardware issues you probably shouldn’t repair by yourself

Some computer repairs are pretty easy and can be done by a beginner. Repairs like hard drive replacements on most Windows laptops don’t require many tools or a high skill level to complete. These kinds of computer repairs are the kind that we encourage a lot of computer users to do, as they won’t take you too long and can

Computer future-proofing explained: Why future-proofing is so popular

What is futureproofing? Future-proofing is a design process used in many sectors such as medical, industrial design, and electronics industries. These design principles are used by anticipating the future to develop products or strategies that continue to be valuable in the future. This prevents the product from becoming obsolete in the distant future. In terms of computer technology, future-proofing means

Laptop cleaning guide: How to safely clean your laptop

Cleaning your laptop and devices is something a lot of computer users forget to do all the time. We’re sometimes not aware of the dust or lint that can clump up inside our computers. This can create problems down the line and should be dealt with quickly. Here’s our guide to safely cleaning your laptop inside and out. Things that

Should I repair or replace my computer?

As computer repair technicians, we’ve certainly been asked “Is my computer worth fixing, or should I just buy a new one?” many times. When it comes to computer repairs, a lot of people consider fixing the computer as a waste of money, and might decide to buy a new one instead. So what’s our question to the inevitable question? The

Disk formatting explained: When should I format my hard drive?

What does formatting a hard drive do? When you want to wipe a hard drive clean, you can do so by formatting the drive. This process wipes all the data on the drive and sets up a new file system, which allows the operating system (OS) to read and write new data on the drive. Disk formatting is usually done

What to do with an old MacBook laptop

Consider what you want to do with your old MacBook Does the MacBook still work? If the MacBook still works, you can choose to upgrade its hardware. This is a great cost-effective way to breathe new life into an old laptop. Sometimes you only need to upgrade a small part of the laptop just for it to work like new