Business-class Email Setup

Business email setup in Sydney

Can you imagine running your business without email? Definitely not! Having a working email system is vital for any organisation. Picking the right solution for your emails is one of most important decision for your business. Yet many businesses are not picking the best option, or they are not aware of the differences between email systems thus they made the wrong choices.

Today, emails are not just for sending messages to clients and colleagues. Users also use contacts, calendar, reminders, tasks with their emails. Companies have the needs for sharing contacts, calendars and tasks for their employees. We now access emails on different devices: computers, laptops, Apple Mac, tablets, mobile phones. These devices use multiple platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, etc. We are not just reading emails in the office anymore, but also at home, in different offices, on the roads, on our mobile phones with internet.

Wouldn’t it be nice to access your emails everywhere you want? on any devices that you want? to see the same contacts, calendars, reminders all the time on different devices? to be able to share calendars to your colleagues? When your computer crashes, are you worried that your emails, contacts and calendars are all lost? Wouldn’t it be great to know that your emails are always backed up even when your computer is broken?

If you like all of the above benefits, then you want a business-class email solution. We can help!

Let us help you

  • Fully managed by Safemode technicians. All email server features and components are installed, configured and monitored by our technicians so you can focus on growing your business
  • Access your emails everywhere: you can access your emails on your computers, laptops, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Android mobile phones, and Webmail
  • Access your emails on multiple platforms: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android
  • Keep your emails always in sync: emails are continuously synced across devices and platforms
  • Not only your emails will always be in sync, but also your calendars, contacts, reminders, tasks and notes
  • Your emails are always backed up. Even when your computer breaks down, be assured that your emails are safe
  • Plenty of space for your emails. You’ll never need to worry about storage limits for your emails
  • Wireless Synchronization: keep your emails, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, tasks synced wirelessly across your computers, tablets and mobile phones so you will never miss an important message or meeting while on the go
  • Scalability: your business will grow, and it’s a painless process to grow your email system to support your business. You won’t need to worry about extra hardware or software cost to keep up with your growing email users
  • Much reduced spam: enterprise anti-spam system is in place so you won’t waste time deleting spam emails
  • Added security: anti-spam and anti-malware systems are in place to reduce spam, phishing emails and virus
  • It’s the best email solution for you, yet it’s cheaper than ever! Don’t worry about paying thousands of dollars upfront for this business-class email system. There is no longer an expensive hardware infrastructure cost required to set up your email server. A setup cost and a small monthly fee is all it requires
  • It’s enterprise email, yet it can be set up in minimal time! Unlike traditional email systems which require expensive hardware, software cost and weeks to be ready, you will get this business-class email system within 24-48 hours

Are you worried about losing your emails and contacts if your computer crashes? Do you want to keep your emails and contacts in sync across all devices? If you do, contact us now to get the best email system set up in no time!

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