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Business IT support in Sydney

Today no businesses operate without a network, computers, printers, and emails. Technology has advanced so much but it could never get so simple. When you have one to three computers, there was hardly any major problems. Then your business grow, your IT systems expand at the same time and things started to break down, it gets harder to manage and keep communication flowing smoothly, the systems started to show its deficiencies.

Most small businesses face the challenges of keeping their growing network of computers functional and getting prompt IT support. On the other hands, computer technicians fail to understand the businesses deeply enough to provide immediate solutions. Most technicians pay a visit to one client, finish the job as quickly as possible then immediately move on to the next appointment. Thus it is almost impossible for the technicians to have a solid understanding of each client’s IT systems and always keep themselves available for each client.

At Safemode, we understand this problem and we design our IT support system to overcome it. We make sure our technicians understand the client’s needs and have tools to provide IT services faster. We pay attention to what our clients have so that we could provide advices when the client needs most.

Let us help you

  • Regular business IT support
  • Onsite IT services
  • Over-the-phone and remote IT services
  • Network audit and advices on deficiencies and improvements
  • Cloud computing setup
  • Wired and wireless network setup
  • Data backup and replication solutions
  • Server support, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Business email setup, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Reduce spam emails
  • Managed antivirus for server and client computers
  • Cloud storage setup and file sharing
  • Website maintenance and backup
  • Web hosting services
  • Offsite IT management

  • Commercial printer setup
  • IT support for both Windows PC and Mac
  • and so much more

Is your business growing, or are you starting a new business? Are you frustrated with your current IT provider? Give us a call now for a free consultation.

Business IT Support Plans

You can get free IT services, maintenance, tech support and consultation

Free virus removals. Free premium internet security software. Unlimited computer tune-ups.
Free installation of devices, operating system, software and hardware and so much more!
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Business IT Support Plans