Open positions

Computer technician – Windows and Mac (Part time)

How to apply: we post our job ads on Spare Staff – Australia’s best Freemium job site. Please head to Spare Staff job search page to find our job posting and apply.

Our Company

Safemode Computer Service has been providing computer services for home computer users and small businesses since 2005. We specialise in both Windows PC and Mac.

The Role

We are looking for individual who is knowledgeable with computers to provide computer repair services to our walk-in customers at our store in Enmore NSW 2042.

Majority of computer services that we provide are hardware-related, ranging from replacing hard drive, RAM, screen to major repairs such as water spill damages.

Previous work experience in similar roles is highly desirable but not compulsory. However, you must have good knowledge about computer hardware and know how to replace basic parts such as hard drive, RAM, video card, PSU.


  • Greeting walk-in customers promptly.
  • Answering phone enquiries, email enquiries promptly. Speed is important in this industry.
  • Provide basic diagnostics and give quote and advices to customers for computer-related problems.
  • Troubleshoot computers, replace parts.
  • Work with our suppliers and manager to order in parts when needed.
  • Providing one-on-one consultant to customers when needed.
  • Follow our training manual and instructions from manager to perform diagnostic.
  • Notifying customers from our POS when their computers are ready
  • Basic cleaning, keeping work area clean, tidy

Skills, Qualities, Experience Required

  • Friendly, trustworthy.
  • Punctual, strong time management skills. If you arrive 1 minute late, you’re late.
  • Well presented. Always look neat and tidy, well groomed.
  • Great verbal and written communication skills.
  • Attention to details and strong customer focus.
  • A hard worker and a team player.
  • Work experience in similar role is highly desirable but not compulsory. However you must be efficient and knowledgeable about computers.
  • Knowledgeable about computer hardware, desktop computers and laptops.
  • Efficient with at least one OS, either Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS.
  • Have some basic diagnostic and troubleshooting skills.
  • Eager and willing to learn new skills in a new environment.
  • Be available outside your working hour if the manager needs to contact you for urgent questions to help support our customers (this does not happen often but we need to ask you from time to time). If you do not want to be bothered after your working hour, this role is not for you. Team player and team support are important for us.
  • Able to work unsupervised and make decisions.
  • Self-motivated. If you often feel bored, and find yourself participating in social media at work, you’re not suitable for this role. We provide great team support and want to make you feel easy and happy at work, however we will terminate employment contract of employees who lack motivation.

Desirable qualities (not compulsory)

  • Lives within 10-15km from our Enmore store.
  • Able to perform major repairs such as motherboard replacement.
  • Able to work on Apple Mac computers.

Work schedule

Part time, 9am-5pm

2-3 days a week. Weekdays only.

Remuneration rate

$21 per hour


  • Written training manual prepared for you to follow. Managers will assist you with pricing and quoting.
  • Great team and non-stress working environment.
  • Not much of standing, mostly sitting in chair and desk, though we encourage you to stand and stretch more often.
  • Easy going manager :D
  • We will teach you, give you advices for everything you want to know to further your career. We are open to sharing knowledge, no secrets kept.
  • Every good employee who worked at our store had gained significant knowledge and got better jobs after us, this ranges from technical roles to marketing roles.
  • This is a role for you to learn and kick start your career and earn a much better job in the next corporate.
  • Paid lunch break

Uni students, female applicants are also encouraged to apply. Our best employees in the past had been uni students.