7 best tools to test your broken computer (The best one is FREE)

How do you know what's wrong with your computer? Why does it break down? How does the pros know the problem with it and you don't? Perhaps the pros have some magical tools that you don't have? The answer is Yes and No. Professional repairers have better tools than the average computer users, but it's

Safemode helps launch

Today we are excited to announce that we have helped launch FindEmployee FindEmployee is an ambitious employee matching platform that uses AI to automatically match employers with qualified job seekers. Employers can send FindEmployee  a job vacancy, and through FindEmployee's AI system, qualified job seekers will be sent to the employers for review. The AI

10 Computer pro tips for better laptop care

Want to improve your computing experience? Or simply looking for better ways to take care of your laptop? Here are 10 computer pro tips from the experts: 1. Turn off your laptop properly Most people just close their laptop’s lid once they’re done for the day. It’s super quick, the laptop goes to sleep, always

“Leave it to the experts”: Computer hardware issues you probably shouldn’t repair by yourself

Some computer repairs are pretty easy and can be done by a beginner. Repairs like hard drive replacements on most Windows laptops don’t require many tools or a high skill level to complete. These kinds of computer repairs are the kind that we encourage a lot of computer users to do, as they won’t take

Computer future-proofing explained: Why future-proofing is so popular

What is futureproofing? Future-proofing is a design process used in many sectors such as medical, industrial design, and electronics industries. These design principles are used by anticipating the future to develop products or strategies that continue to be valuable in the future. This prevents the product from becoming obsolete in the distant future. In terms

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