Apple devices are known for their design and their high prices. As a result, many Mac users seek to repair their Apple products rather than paying the price of replacing them.

While Apple Macs have a limited lifespan, there are 3 common repairs that are simple fixes that can keep them going the extra mile.


1. Battery Replacement

All batteries have a shelf life. It’s a well-known fact that replacing an iphone’s battery extends its shelf life –  and the same goes for all other battery-powered Mac devices.

Replacing the battery will not only extend its life – it can also help your Mac function better. In many cases, software and apps are subject to the power they’re able to use – so this small solution makes a big impact.


2. Macbook screen repair

Macbook screens have been subject to issues and faults over the years.

Issues could be around:

  • Connections between the screen and the circuit board
  • A cracked or broken LCD/retina display (in many cases, the glass covering this display is still intact)
  • The glass and display are cracked or damaged

Replacing the screen requires special tools and experienced care. As a result, taking your device to an expert repair centre will give the best results and save time. Our technicians are well equipped to remedy this issue. Contact us now to repair your screen and see your work clearly once again.


3. Mac Motherboard Power Repair

When it comes to powering a Mac, there are 3 main components that feed power to the Macbook. These are:

  • The battery
  • The charger
  • The Macbook motherboard power circuit

Replacing the battery or charger is a simple matter. If, however, the Macbook still won’t power up after these replacements, it’s likely that the issue is with the motherboard’s power circuit – an issue that requires a technician’s care and skill.

Safemode Computer Service technicians are experienced in a wide range of Apple Mac repairs. Contact us now for expert Sydney-wide Mac repairs & diagnostics.