Same day PC, computer repairs in Chippendale NSW 2008

Are you searching for computer repairs in Chippendale? You are in the right place.

Safemode is ranked Top 3 computer repair centres. We’re specialised in computer repairs, home and business IT support since 2004. We provide repair services same-day for most locals in the Chippendale area.

We are experts in computer repairs. We’re proud to say that we’ve repaired 40,000+ computer problems all by ourselves.

We’re efficient in both Windows and Apple Mac computers. Need help with your computer? We can help.

At Safemode, we have in-house computer technicians to do repairs ourselves without outsourcing to other repair shops. Hence, our experise and experience stays with us.

top 3 computer repairs in sydney award in 2022
top 3 computer repairs in sydney award in 2022
best business of 2023 in sydney award

We are highly experienced in all makes, like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, Clevo, Razer, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony.

We provide both on-site computer services or bringing-in services where you can bring your computer to our shop for an immediate consultation.

Our service areas include the Inner city, Inner West, Eastern suburbs, and Lower north Sydney area.

Repair service is now available in Chippendale

computer repairs chippendale

If you prefer a face-to-face consultation, come and see us at our shop. Chippendale is only 5 minutes from our shop.

Our team provides computer repair services for Chippendale locals. It is easy to get to Safemode. We are near bus stops and train stations, so it is convenient to get here by car or walking.

We are the TOP 3 computer repair workshops in Sydney since 2016.

For your peace of mind, our repair services come with 1-year warranty.

Our services include:

Not seeing your computer problem here? Not to worry, we cover a comprehensive computer service list. Speak to one of us today.

Why choose Safemode Computer Service

why choose safemode computer service chippendale

  • On-the-spot free quotes: A free quote is given while you wait and it’s obligation-free.
  • Same-day repairs: We start repairs on the same day. Most repairs are completed on the same-day.
  • No compromise on quality: We use genuine manufacturer parts or higher-quality parts. Many spare parts come with 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • No Fix No Fee: If we cannot fix it, you can either fix it again for free or receive a full refund.
  • We do it all: We are proficient with both Windows, Apple Mac computers, home and SOHO computers.
  • Open 7 days a week, no appointment needed: Our computer shop is open for walk-in 7 days a week.
  • Walk-in/delivery services are available: Walk-in are welcome. Alternatively, we can arrange courier pickup and delivery services for your convenience.
  • Price-beat guarantee: Have a quote from another repairer? We’ll beat it by 5%.

Visit our computer repairs shop near Chippendale

bring computer in chippendale shop

Simply bring your computer to our shop near Chippendale, a Free quote will be given on the spot.

If you cannot come to our repair centre in person, we provide home/office services to solve your computer problems at your place.

Or even better, Chippendale locals can book our computer repair services with FREE pickup and delivery. To book for your computer to be picked up for repairs, simply email or call us to arrange it. Once the repairs have been completed, we will return your computer for free of charge.

Can you save my data?

In most cases, Yes.

There are many methods and techniques to save data from a broken computer. We will use external tools and another computer to attempt saving data from your computer.

However, keep in mind that when your computer breaks down, there is always a chance that your data is lost permanently.

If you need assistance in saving your data, Safemode Computer Service can certainly help.

Here’s how we can assist you:

1. Remote Data Backup:

  • Initiate a remote session to guide you through the process of backing up your data to an external storage device or cloud-based service. We can provide step-by-step instructions and ensure that your important files are safely transferred.

2. Data Recovery Tools:

  • If your computer is still accessible but experiencing data loss or corruption issues, we can recommend and guide you through using data recovery software to retrieve lost or deleted files. We’ll provide instructions on how to safely use these tools to maximize data recovery success.

3. Drive Imaging:

  • Assist you in creating a complete image or clone of your hard drive to preserve all data, including operating system files, applications, and personal files. This ensures that you have a comprehensive backup in case of system failure or data loss.

4. Physical Data Recovery Services:

  • If your storage device has physical damage preventing access to data, we can recommend professional data recovery services. We’ll guide you through selecting a reputable data recovery company and provide assistance in shipping your device securely for recovery.

5. Cloud Backup Solutions:

  • Discuss and recommend cloud backup solutions that automatically back up your data to remote servers. We can assist you in setting up and configuring cloud backup services to ensure continuous protection of your files.

6. Data Transfer Assistance:

  • If you’re migrating to a new computer or storage device, we can assist you in transferring your data from the old device to the new one. This includes transferring files, settings, and applications to ensure a smooth transition.

7. Data Encryption and Security:

  • Provide guidance on encrypting sensitive data to protect it from unauthorized access or theft. We’ll recommend encryption tools and best practices for securing your data both locally and in transit.

8. Data Integrity Verification:

  • After backing up or recovering your data, we can help you verify the integrity of the files to ensure that they’re complete and accessible. We’ll assist in checking file integrity and performing test restores if necessary.

9. Post-Recovery Support:

  • Provide post-recovery support to ensure that your data has been successfully saved and address any additional concerns you may have. We’ll verify that all critical files are intact and accessible.

Contact Safemode Computer Service to schedule a remote consultation, and let our experienced technicians guide you through the process of saving your data securely and efficiently, ensuring that your important files are protected and accessible when you need them most.

Have you seen this problem before?

never seen before problem

This is a common question that we receive everyday. Our computer technicians work on computer repairs everyday. We have seen thousands of computer problems every year that we cannot keep track of.

It is likely that your computer problem is not unique or so rare that we have not seen before. We follow best practice and standard training procedures to diagnose your computer to find its fault and carry out repairs.

How much is the repair cost?

Price is always in everyone’s thoughts when it comes to repairs. We maintain a 20-page long price list that covers almost every repair needed. There is no one price for all or one size fits all.

In fact, it’s often that our price is tailored to customers’ needs. For example, we can give you a recommended solution based on our suggestion first. But the price can be adjusted to suit your budget by choosing different types of parts.

We’ll provide you with a free quote at the beginning for you to decide whether to proceed with the quote or not. The costs are fully dependent on the models and the problems. All of the quotes are followed by the price list which is tailored to each model and computer specs. Please refer to our Pricing and Information page for more information.

How long is the repairs?

Usually, you can receive your computer on the same or next business day. There are times when repairs may take longer. Usually, this is because parts need to be ordered. While we keep stock of common parts, it’s not possible to keep every part in stock.

If we need to order parts, many of our suppliers can deliver parts on the same day or the next business day.

For other delivery methods, the part will be sent via Australia Post which takes approximately 3 to 5 business days. Keep in mind that you can choose to keep your computer till the part arrives.

Ready for us to repair your computer?

Don’t hesitate to contact us during our opening time!

Visit our Sydney computer repair store or call 1800 85 83 82 or 02 9516 2966 for any questions.

Alternatively, you can email or send us a message online.