“Computer repairs near me”? Don’t ask Google, I’ll tell you where

As Google has gotten smarter over the years, users are leveraging “near me” searches more than ever. Thanks to Google, our computer repair shop gets found through “computer repairs near me” searches by many.

Google certainly helps you find the best local computer repair shops based on reviews and distance. But, can Google really tell the differences between computer models, where to find the best “computer repairs near me” for a particular type of computer?

In this post, I’ll tell you where to find the best options to repair your computer near you, based on certain types of computers, with my 17+ years of experience in the industry.

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Here are list of computer technicians for you to consider

I know computers inside out, better than my own home. I’ve seen other computer technicians’ work and how they fixed it.

Just like doctors, different doctors may have different opinions about your sickness.

Computer “doctors” are like that too. Different computer technicians have different ways to test your computer and different approaches to a solution.

I’m not saying other technicians are not good. What I mean is, different technicians have different ways of fixing things.

There isn’t any bullet-proof approach. It’s up to you and your selected computer repairman to decide what’s best for both.

Sometimes, what the computer expert recommends you isn’t what you’re after, then you may opt to choose someone else.

Now you’ve understood that, I’ll share with you the differences between computers, who can fix what and where you can take your computer for repairs. After that, you can decide better where to go next.

understanding computers

Click here to jump straight to my list of “computer repairs near me“:

First, what type of computer do you need repairs on?

It goes beyond reviews and distance to determine what options are best for your computer.

For example, if your computer is a Windows laptop, a computer repairman who specialise in Apple Mac computers only won’t be able to help you. Even though he might be the nearest to you with the highest reviews and ratings.

There are a few types of computers:

  • PC tower desktop computers: computers that have a separate monitor, keyboard, mouse fom its tower box

desktop computer

  • Laptops: A portable, travel-friendly computer


  • Apple Mac computers: Apple launched both laptop and desktop computers.apple mac computers
  • 2-in-1 laptops that are convertible to tablets: eg Microsoft Surface laptops, Lenovo Yoga laptops, HP x360 laptops etc.

2 in 1 laptop

  • Chromebook: Google built-in, laptops running on Google’s Chrome OS.chromebook
  • All-in-one computers: A computer that combines all desktop components into a closed unit, rather than using a computer tower separate from the display monitor.all in one computer
  • iPad and other tablets: Always function using a touch screen. These could be considered personal computers but they’re very different from normal laptops. I mention it anyway because I’ve seen many customers ask me to repair their tablets (and phones).ipad and other tablets
  • Server computers: Computer hardware/software for other devices functions.server computer

When I first started fixing computers, I only knew about desktop PC computers (Windows). I had no idea how to fix laptops or Apple Mac. They are very different from desktop computers.

Many other computer technicians were the same.

Each computer technician has different expertise. He could be a desktop PC-only repairman, or a laptop repairman, a Windows-only repairman or a Mac-only repairman.

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Many technicians only specialise in iPad, tablets, and phone repairs, but not computers. They will advertise they can fix computers.

But, having seen their work, in my opinion, they are better at phones and tablets, not computers.

Some technicians only fix server computers and outsource PC repairs to other technicians.

It’s also common that many computer technicians only go on-site (servicing computers at the customer’s place). They don’t have a workshop to carry out complicated repairs such as Apple logic board repairs. In this case, they may outsource the work to another repairer.

While many computer repairmen are bringing-in only type, they never fix computers on-site.

For the first few years, I didn’t even know how to open up a laptop. When laptops got more popular, I had to learn to repair laptops. Then, when Apple Mac computers got more popular, I also had to learn to repair Apple Mac.

When we had many requests for onsite services, I had to go to customer places to fix computers there as well. This is a common request from businesses that need networking setup and email troubleshooting.

I’ve worked on servers many times as well, from building one from scratch to fixing them.

Now you’ve understood different computer repairers specialise in different types of computers, let’s look at different types of repairs.

What type of repairs or services do you need?

Computer technicians are equipped with different sets of skills and tools that allow them to carry out certain types of repairs.

For example, if your laptop has water damage that does not turn on, a computer repairman who provides on-site services only, will not be able to repair it.

He can only outsource it to another technician who specialises in water damage repairs, or he may suggest you buy a new computer instead and offer data recovery.

Below are some different types of repairs on computers:

  • Common repairs on Windows PC computers, and laptops: hard drive, solid state drive (SSD, or flash drive), RAM, power supply unit (PSU), video card replacement.
  • Common repairs on Apple Mac laptops: hard drive, flash drive, RAM, screen repairs.
  • More complicated repairs on Windows PC computers, and laptops: screen repairs, power charging socket repairs, keyboard, touchpad replacement etc.
  • More complicated repairs on Apple Mac computers: keyboard replacement on Apple laptops with Retina display, Apple iMac screen repairs, Apple iMac power supply unit replacement etc.
  • Very difficult repairs: Windows laptop motherboard repairs, or Apple logic board repairs. These are usually repairs on computers that do not turn on at all.
  • Water damage repairs: water damages vary a lot. It could fall into any of the above repairs or even more complicated repairs.
  • Recovering data from regular Windows computers, or from Apple Mac computers.
  • Internet and network setup, printer setup, configuring emails in Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Removing viruses, spyware from Windows computers, or Apple Mac computers.
  • Do you need on-site computer services or you can bring the computer in for repairs: If you simply cannot bring your computer to a repair shop, then on-site service is your only option. This will limit your choices in picking a computer repairer.

Often there is a blurred line between these repairs. For example, a keyboard replacement for Apple MacBook laptops with Retina display could be considered very difficult too.

Which computer repairman is best to repair your computer

For each type of computer and type of repair, you’ll need a different type of computer repairmen.

If your computer is a Windows PC tower desktop computer

Most Windows PC desktop computers are easier to fix compared to laptops, and Apple Mac. Parts for Windows desktop computers are widely available and most computer shops have access to these parts.

Hence for common repairs on Windows PC computers as mentioned above (hard drive, RAM, video card, PSU replacement), data recovery, or removing viruses, or if you just want to speed up your computer, you have plenty of options to choose a computer repairer.

Unless your computer is under warranty, any local computer shops that you put in Google can help you.

You can go for one that I recommend below or one that you find suitable on Google by searching for “computer repairs near me“.

It’s simply a matter of which one you can get to easily (or which computer repairman is first available to come to you), and which one you feel comfortable dealing with.

However, if the problem is complicated, or if you need personal assistance with setting up your email, backup, the Internet and network, then you may need to opt for the most reviewed, experienced ones you can find on Google, or ones that I recommend below.

If your computer is a Windows laptop (including 2-in-1 laptops)

Windows laptops, such as HP, or Dell, Lenovo, ASUS etc are harder to fix than Windows desktop computers.

With common repairs such as hard drive, SSD, RAM replacement, virus removal, you still have plenty of options.

These are still fairly easy to repair, any computer repair shop near you or on-site technicians can help you.

Go for ones that I recommend below or ones that you find suitable on Google.

For complicated, or difficult repairs such as screen repairs, dead laptop repairs, or keyboard repairs you should opt for a local computer shop because repair shops have better access to spare parts and equipment.

It’s difficult for technicians to do such repairs onsite. He might outsource it to another repairer which adds up the final price you’re paying. Or, he may recommend you to purchase a new computer instead and offer you data recovery option.

But, if you find it hard to leave your house, by all means, hire a computer repairman to fix your computer at your place.

Or, if you need printer setup, or network setup, choosing a mobile computer technician is your best option too. I can recommend some good mobile computer technicians below.

Microsoft Surface laptops

I mention the Microsoft Surface laptop here because, if you bought the Surface computer and it needs repairs, you’re in bad luck.

Many Microsoft Surface laptops are unrepairable. I Fix It, a company that takes apart every new tech gadget and leads the charge for Rights to Repair, did a teardown on the Surface devices and rated it 0 out of 10 for repairability.

Unless your Microsoft Surface laptop has a virus issue that can be fixed by reinstalling Windows, it’ll be expensive or even impossible to fix any other issues with it.

Your options for choosing a computer repairer are limited. Onsite technicians are unlikely able to help you. Even repair shops, that have better equipment, may not be able to help you.

This is a huge problem for consumers and doesn’t help to reduce the soaring eWaste problem.

Microsoft has taken an effort and improved the design and repairability of its Surface laptops. I will update this post when I find it practical to repair Surface laptops.

If your computer is an Apple Mac, or MacBook computer

Not all computer technicians repair Apple Mac computers. Microsoft used to dominate the market at one time.

The good news is since Apple has become more popular, there are plenty of Apple Mac repairers now for you to choose from.

Apple computers are harder to be fixed, parts are more expensive. It’s not easy to repair Apple Mac at your place without spare parts and dedicated tools.

Apple MacBook laptops are even harder to repair compared to Windows laptops, or Apple iMac computers.

Perhaps, you should search for “MacBook repairs near me” instead of “computer repairs near me“. This way, you’re telling Google that “I’m specifically looking for a MacBook repairs provider near me“, not a Windows computer repairer.

Your best option is to find a local repairer who has a workshop to do repairing on Mac, MacBook computers.

Having said that, an onsite technician is a great option for personal assistance such as setting up emails, networks, data backup, and troubleshooting printers.

If you cannot bring your Apple Mac to a repair shop and at-home service is your only choice, then expect that the technician may need to take the computer away for repairs and then return it later.

Either way, many Apple Mac repairers can help you. You can go for a local, best-reviewed one you can find on Google or contact ones that I recommend below.

I used to go to customer places for many years to provide onsite computer services. This was a common procedure for hardware problems on computers, including Apple Mac.

If your computer is a Chromebook

Chromebook is similar to a Windows laptop, except that it runs on Chrome OS. Chromebook is often a lower price point.

Repairing Chromebook laptops is similar to repairing a Windows laptop.

The problem is that, because Chromebook is cheaper than most Windows laptops, many repairs are often not economical. The cost of repairing a Chromebook is often close to buying a new one.

For Chromebook, your repair options are limited. It’d be hard to find any laptop repairman that repairs Chromebook well and cheaply.

If your computer is an All-in-one computer

All-in-one (AIO) computers are computers that have all of their parts inside the “screen”. Apple iMac and Dell Inspiron 24 All-in-one are examples of this.

All-in-one computers are considered desktop computers. They are beautiful PCs and appealing to both homes and businesses.

Common repairs on AIO computers are hard drive and RAM replacement.

You can opt for onsite computer technicians or you can opt for bringing-in repair shops. Both can help you.

Keep in mind to choose between a Windows PC repairer or an Apple Mac repairer depending on which computer you have.

Onsite computer technicians can help you with email setup, Internet & network setup in addition to repairs. He will likely need to take the computer away for hardware repairs, and then drop it off after the repair has been completed.

If your computer is an iPad or tablet

Apple iPad and other tablets are personal computers, but they are very different from regular laptops or PCs.

Searching for “computer repairs near me” probably won’t give you the best options. Instead, you should search for “iPhone repairs near me”, or “iPad repairs near me”.

Most shops that fix phones will also fix tablets. These shops are much better at repairing phones and tablets than repairing computers.

I recommend you search for these shops instead of searching for “computer repairs near me”.

Onsite repairs are not possible. Apple iPad and tablet repairs are difficult and cannot be done at your place.

If you’re looking for at-home phone repairs, it won’t be easy. Possible, but not easy. I don’t recommend it.

Large shopping malls such as Westfield are good places to find these shops. You may look for the nearest shopping mall instead. There is likely a phone and tablet repair shop in the mall.

If your computer is a server

Repairing server computers is a tough one.

The technician needs to be familiar with servers. Parts for servers are expensive, its OS is harder to install.

Though a repair shop may have better equipment, I recommend you to find an onsite computer technician instead.

Computer technicians who only fix bringing-in computers are often not exposed to server computers as much as onsite technicians.

Onsite technicians, especially ones who service businesses are more experienced in dealing with servers. They have been to many companies that have servers and can assist you better.

If your laptop has water damage

Water damage is difficult to repair. If your laptop has problems such as it’s not turning on after a water spill, it likely needs a major repair (eg motherboard repairs).

Many computer repairmen (and repairwomen) will write it off.

Onsite computer technicians are unlikely able to repair it for you. Many computer repair workshops cannot help you either.

Finding a local computer repair shop that is experienced enough to do this is much harder. I don’t think Google can help you much regardless of how many reviews a shop has.

Not only that, water can leak from one place to another causing more damage than initially expected. You should ask the technician what guarantees he offers for this.

And, you can forget about manufacturers or manufacturer-authorised repair centres. Manufacturers, eg Microsoft stores, and Apple stores will not fix water-damaged laptops.

There is no point in asking manufacturers for repairs if your laptop has water damage.

When our store started repairing water-damaged laptops, it took us a while to figure out how to do the repairs properly.

There are so many unexpected issues with water damage that it’s never the same. We had to develop a testing system, and guarantee policies that would cover unforeseen problems on computers.

Now, we’ve repaired thousands of water-damaged laptops that it’s nothing new anymore.

If you need someone to rescue your dead laptop

Rescuing a laptop that is completely dead is difficult. This is a major repair and most likely a very difficult one, sometimes even impossible.

The laptop rescue specialist will need to have dedicated tools and spare parts, spare parts and it takes more than a day to do the work. These repairs simply cannot be done at your home or at office.

In my 17+ years of working in IT, I’ve never seen any technician capable of rescuing a dead laptop at customer place (unless the laptop is actually not dead).

A workshop repair is needed certainly. You need to find a computer repairs shop that will actually do repairs, not retail and have the experience to do it.

You can see the list of computer repair shops below near you.

If you need Internet network setup, email troubleshooting

For this, onsite computer technicians are your best choice.

Computer repairers who work at bringing-in-only computer shops have limited knowledge of dealing with different Internet providers, networks and email providers.

An onsite technician is exposed to all kinds of different situations that he had to figure out at customers’ places. He will know how to set up your email correctly, set up your backup and printers, and network properly.

Not to mention, these problems often must be fixed at your place, not in a shop where it’s out of your home (or office) network.

Onsite computer repairmen often cover a larger area. Hence, they can drive 20 km to you if needed.

You don’t need to worry about how they arrange their schedule. As long as they can make it, you should go for it.

If you need data recovery from your computer

A computer repairman might be able to help you with recovering data from your computer. It depends on what’s damaged in your computer.

It’s a good start to get help from a computer technician first. The technician usually can remove the hard drive from your computer to attempt data recovery.

If the hard drive (or solid state drive) is badly damaged such as it’s unrecognised by your computer, or making clicking noises, this is often beyond a computer technician’s capacity.

When your computer hard drive makes clicking noises, you’d better off search for “data recovery lab near me” instead of “computer repairs near me“, because most computer technicians do not have a “lab” to help you.

If your data is critical, getting a computer technician to open up your hard drive to attempt data recovery without sending it to a lab can actually hurt the chance of saving the data.

Need same-day computer repairs and IT services?

Safemode Computer Service is rated in the Best 3 computer repair centers in Sydney from 2016 to 2023. Walk-in or book an appointment to get a Free quote today.

Find a computer repairman near you in Sydney

Since I live in Sydney and haven’t lived in other cities in Australia long enough, I can only list computer repairers that I know in Sydney area.

Also, keep in mind that I don’t include any “contractor” type computer technicians here.

This is because every time a big corporate (eg Telstra or OfficeWorks) sends you a contractor to do the work, quality varies depending on the available contractor that they have.

Computer repairs shop for Sydney inner city, Marrickville, Inner West, Eastern suburb area

computer repairs shop near me - Safemode Computer Service exterior

For computer repairs (both Windows and Apple Mac), data recovery, email troubleshooting, speeding up computers, water-damage laptop repairs, Safemode Computer Service certainly can help you.

Having been in the computer and IT business since 2004, Safemode has repaired 40,000+ Windows and Apple Mac computers, PC desktop computers and laptops, water damage computer repairs, plus server computers as well.

For years, Safemode team have done repairs onsite (at-home or at-office computer repairs), and also has a repair workshop for you to bring your computer in 7 days a week.

computer repairs shop near me - Safemode Computer Service interior

Safemode’s blog covers many guides and tips for you to test and attempt at-home repairs. If you can’t figure it out and want the team to do repairs for you instead, feel free to send a message.

If your computer can’t be repaired, you can get referred to another place that might be able to help you.

Safemode can repair Windows PC computers and laptops

If your computer is a Windows computer, Safemode can fix it. The team has fixed thousands of Windows computers since the early days when Windows XP was still the norm.

Safemode can repair Apple Mac computers

When Apple Mac computers become more popular, the team started fixing Apple Mac computers.

By now, Safemode has repaired so many Apple Mac computers for over a decade. You may think that your Mac is having the strangest problem that no one has ever seen. But trust me, it’s likely that Safemode technicians have seen it many times.

All-in-one computers can be fixed here

All-in-one computers, Windows or Apple Mac are sometimes a little harder to fix. Safemode team can repair them.

Most common repairs on All-in-one PCs are hard drive, RAM replacement. Safemode technicians have done these thousands of times.

Difficult repairs such as keyboard repairs, water spill damage repairs, data recovery can be done too

Not many computer repair shops can do this. But Safemode has fixed these problems countless times.

Water-damaged laptops, dead laptops, broken keyboard laptops are brought in on almost daily basis for repairs.

one-stop-shop computer repairs

It’s a one-stop-shop for all types of computer repairs, email troubleshooting, Apple Mac troubleshooting, data recovery, computer speed-up.

A big bonus is that walk-in is accepted 7 days a week, no appointment is necessary. Just come in at your convenience.

Plus, on-the-spot diagnostic and Free quote, same or next day turn-around time for most repairs depending on what time you bring in (excluding complicated and very-difficult repairs).

Safemode no longer repair Apple iPad, tablets, or any smartphones. The store now fully focuses on servicing computers only. But, see below for other places that can help you with your smartphone or tablet.

You can contact Safemode Computer Service at 1800 85 83 82 or 02 9516 2966.

At-home computer repairs for Sydney inner city, Marrickville, Inner West, Eastern suburbs

JP Can Fix It is a solid choice that I can recommend for at-home computer services. Jason Pearse is the face of the business.

at-home computer repairs marrickville - JP Can Fix It

The man doesn’t even advertise and solely gets businesses through customer referrals and repeat clients, which means he must be doing something right.

Being an onsite tech, JP Can Fix It covers Inner West, some Eastern suburb areas (eg Bondi, Coogee, Vaucluse, Double Bay), and some down south Sydney (Brighton-le-Sands, Sandringham).

He provides computer training, tech assistance, data backup and migration, networking, etc for both Windows, Mac, iPad, and even non-computer issues such as some home automation, TVs, or connection from laptops to cars.

JP Can Fix It doesn’t have a workshop for you to bring in so major hardware repairs aren’t his thing.

pros and cons of using Safemode Computer Service

You can contact JP Can Fix It at 0414 534 551.

Computer repairs shops for Sydney Eastern suburbs

For Sydney Eastern suburbs there is a few computer repairs shop that you can take to, depending on what computer you have.

Computer repairs shop for both Windows and Apple Mac computers

Not all computer repairs shop can fix both Windows and Apple Mac, and also do difficult repairs such as water-damaged laptops, in-store or at home / office.

Safemode Computer Service can help you with all of these.

computer repairs shop eastern suburbs

The computer technicians at Safemode Computer Service is experienced with difficult repairs such as replacing keyboards in Apple MacBook 12″ Retina, Apple MacBook Air or Apple MacBook Pro Retina-display laptops and fixing water-damaged laptops.

If your computer is an All-in-one computers (eg Apple iMac, Dell Inspiron 24 or 27), or if you need help with your email, web hosting, small business IT support, Safemode Computer Service can help too.

pros and cons of using Safemode Computer Service

You can contact Safemode Computer Service at 1800 85 83 82 or 02 9516 2966.

Apple authorized service center in Kingsford

Max Computing Services in Kingsford is an Apple authorized service center, and you should look for them.

computer repairs eastern suburbs - Max Computing Services

Max Computer Services specializes in Apple Mac computers. Being an Apple authorized service center, you can get your Apple Mac fixed here under warranty or Apple Care for Free or at a discounted price.

You’re guaranteed to get genuine Apple spare parts, plus friendly and accommodating services.

The store has a simplistic design with just a handful of accessories on display.

An appointment at Apple store could be weeks away. Personally, I’d avoid going to Apple store if possible. I suggest you go to Max Computing instead of Apple store.

Note that Max Computing Services only fixes Apple Mac computers, not Windows computers. They cannot do repairs on water-damaged Apple Mac (or limited services).

You can contact Max Computing Services at 02 9011 5590 or 02 9045 0337.

Apple Mac computer repairs shop for South Sydney area

Idealstore Hurstville is another place to look out for.

Apple authorised service centre hurstville - Idealstore exterior

Idealstore is an Apple-authorized service center which means they can provide repairs for Mac computers that are under warranty or Apple Care using Apple genuine spare parts.

The store is nice and clean with friendly services. They also have Apple accessories but not as many as in the photos from the last time I’ve seen.

They are “one of Australia’s longest-running Apple Resellers and Authorized Service Centers” and can fix not just Mac computers, but also Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Beats products etc.

Apple authorised service centre hurstville - Idealstore interior

Note that Idealstore only fixes Apple Mac computers, not Windows computers. They cannot do repairs on water-damaged Apple Mac (or limited services).

You can contact Idealstore at 02 9570 5411.

Apple iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablet repairs shop in Marrickville, Inner west

FixPod is one to check out.

phone tablet repairs marrickville - Fixpod exterior

Though this post is mainly about computers, I’ll include a place for smartphone and tablet repairs anyway.

FixPod has been fixing Apple iPhone, iPad, other smartphones, and tablets since late 2008. They used to be in Broadway and are now in Marrickville.

phone tablet repairs marrickville - Fixpod interior

The repair workshop is designed to fully focus on repairs which makes them excellent at repairing gadgets.

When you see a repair shop designed to be repair-focused, not retail-focused, you know they’re good at repairs and repairs only.

Pricing could not be more straightforward. Every device they fix is listed with make, model, and price on their website.

I’ve also had some iPhones fixed at their store and had a good experience every time.

Just look at their reviews, it’s insane! I know the reviews are genuine and I’ve used their services several times for my phones.

Fixpod Google Reviews

You can contact FixPod at 1300 349 763 or 0422 300 400.

Computer repairs shop for South Sydney area

Reliable Computer in Oatley NSW has been in the computer IT business for 10+ years.

Reliable Computer Oatley NSW

They work on both Windows and Apple Mac computers.

Reliable Computer is not an Apple-authorized server center hence they cannot work on Apple computers that are under warranty or Apple Care.

They also won Excellence in Customer Service award, though it was all the way back in 2010.

Their store has some retail accessories but is mainly repair-focused.

This means they will do their best to repair your computer, not telling you that your computer is not worth fixing and encouraging you to buy a new one.

You can contact Reliable Computer on 1800 753 991.

Computer retailer in Sydney North Shore

Scorptec is a popular computer retailer store. I’m not so sure I’d recommend Scorptec for repairs though because they are more well known as a retailer.

computer retailer Sydney North Shore - Scorptec

Certainly, many of our customers had told me that they bought their computers from Scorptec. As a retailer, they are not bad at all. Their prices are good. Click and collect process is easy though there had been some complaints.

For repairs, I don’t think they are well known for repairs. It’s not their core business. They only repair if it’s a computer part under their warranty. And I’ve heard (many times) their repair process and warranty claim was not always pleasant. This is typical for retailers who are not specialized in repairs.

I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Computer retailer in Inner West

OK, here is a hidden gem that you may not know – IJK Computers in Enfield.

computer retailer Inner West - IJK

IJK is a computer retailer, not a repair centre. Their computer parts and PC prices are excellent with a wide range, kind of messy but also fun to browse, like visiting Paddy’s Market, but for computers.

I wasn’t going to mention them, because I’m writing about computer repairs shop here, but IJK is worth mentioning as a computer retailer.

computer retailer Inner West - IJK interior

Their website is outdated and could be updated for a better modern look. But, if you’re a computer enthusiast, and want a balance of good prices and good services, IJK does just that.

computer retailer Inner West - IJK parking

Guess what, they have dedicated customer parking too, and it’s super easy to find parking whenever I get there.

What IJK impresses me the most is its efficient online process: you place an order, the order is processed quickly and you get notified to pick up; you turn up, and the order will be handed to you quickly.

Warranty-wise, I myself haven’t got any issues with them. But this could be different for you depending on what problem you have with your computer.

You can contact IJK Computers at 02 9745 0877.

Don’t forget Apple stores, Samsung stores and Microsoft store

Of course, Apple stores, Samsung stores and Microsoft store cannot be excluded.

Though, I’m not a fan of recommending these US companies. I prefer recommending local Australian companies.

Microsoft and Samsung stores are both located in Sydney CBD. Samsung has another store in Parramatta.

If your Microsoft Surface device is broken, repair options are limited but you can always contact Microsoft store.

If you support local businesses, go for a local computer repairs shop instead. If you have no other choices, visit Apple or Microsoft stores. Just keep in mind that your money will go to these deep-pocket US giants.

More coming …

More stores or businesses will be included in this post after I’ve visited more stores or learned more about their business.

If you know a good computer repairer in other cities, feel free to leave a comment below for me to do research on and include in this post.