Computer TuneUp and Upgrades

So your computer is slow?

Is your computer is slower than it should be? or are you getting “low virtual memory” message? or is the hard drive almost full? or do you want to upgrade to a later version of Windows? or do you want it to look as new again? or maybe you just want to get the best out of it, to improve productivity?

For any of the above reasons, we can always give you plenty of options.

When it comes to improving your computer performance, a common mistake is “I need to buy a new computer”, or “it’s slow because there’re too many music, pictures, videos on it”. The fact is that there are many available upgrades and optimization that can help significantly. And many are cost-effective. We can always make a 4 year old computer faster than a brand new computer!

Let us help you

  • RAM upgrades on desktop computers, laptops and Apple Mac.
  • Hard drive upgrades for desktop computers, laptops and Apple Mac.
  • CPU/Processor upgrades for desktop computers.
  • Video card upgrades for desktop computers.
  • Motherboard upgrades for desktop computers.
  • Computer cleaning inside out for desktop computers, laptops and Apple Mac. Remove all dust inside, prevent over-heating problems.
  • System optimization for Windows-based computers.
  • Upgrade to latest version of Windows or Mac OS X operating system.
  • A fresh, clean installation of Windows or Mac OS X operating system which will improve performance significantly.
  • Upgrade normal hard drive to Hybrid drive (up to 5 times faster) or Solid State Drive (Flash storage, up to 16 times faster).
  • and many more…

Remember when you first bought your computer and how you used to love it? Well, we can get you that same feeling back, call us now and we’ll let you know the upgrade options.

Home Computer Plans

You can get free computer services, maintenance and tech support

Unlimited virus removals. Unlimited computer tune-ups. Free premium internet security software.
Free installation of devices, operating system, software and hardware and so much more!
Home Computer Plans