Data Recovery

So you think you may have lost your data?

It is surprising that many home and business computer users do not have any backup set up in their computers. It is where you store all your family pictures, resumes, music and movies you spend months downloading, work documents and programs, financial data and so on. Just imagine they are all gone because of a power surge, a burglary, viruses, or just a simple drop.

If your hard drives have failed, or maybe your computer just crashed so you can’t access your data, or maybe your external drive dropped, let us check the drive and give you a quote for data recovery. A common mistake is that most customers have unsuccessfully attempted extracting data themselves, this may significantly reduce our chance of recovering the data.

Let us help you

  • Recover data from damaged hard drives if possible.
  • Recover data from damaged USB flash drive, USB external hard drive if possible.
  • Recover accidentally deleted files or folders.
  • Recover data from non-working computers and laptops, including Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook, iMac, Mac Pro computers.
  • Save data from virus-infected computers and laptops.
  • Help to set up automatic backup for your computers.
  • If your data is unrecoverable, we are able to direct you to other companies that might be able to help.


If your data is at risk, stop using the computer, don’t wait until it’s too late, talk to our technicians today to secure your valuable data.

Home Computer Plans

You can get free computer services, maintenance and tech support

Unlimited virus removals. Unlimited computer tune-ups. Free premium internet security software.
Free installation of devices, operating system, software and hardware and so much more!
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