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Data recovery services in Sydney

We are rated in Top 3 Computer Repair Centre in Sydney, 6 years in a row! Since 2004, we’ve repaired and provided data recovery on thousands of computers, notebook laptops, Apple Mac computers; including all makes: Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, Clevo, Razer, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Apple.

We service Sydney, inner city, Inner West, lower north Sydney area. Walk-in is accepted 7 days a week, no appointment required.

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We have repaired over 40,000 computer problems since 2004, from a small issue such as removing viruses to a major system failure such as damages by liquid spills.

It is surprising that many home and business computer users do not have any backup set up in their computers. It is where you store all your family pictures, resumes, music and movies you spend months downloading, work documents and programs, financial data and so on.

Just imagine they are all gone because of a power surge, a burglary, viruses, or just a simple drop.

If your hard drives have failed, or maybe your computer just crashed so you can’t access your data, or maybe your external drive dropped, let us check the drive and give you a quote for data recovery.

A common mistake is that most customers have unsuccessfully attempted extracting data themselves, this may significantly reduce our chance of recovering the data.

We can repair what manufacturers cannot

The fact is, manufacturers, including Apple, only fix a limited number of issues on your notebook laptops.

The manufacturers will not do the followings:

  • Provide data recovery from computers, laptops, or Apple Mac computers.
  • Repair water damaged laptops
  • Repair old or “vintage” computers (3 to 5+ year old laptops)
  • Manual removal of virus and spyware
  • Back up or recover your data.
  • Repair on notebook laptops that had been repaired previously by a third-party technician.

Manufacturers strictly will not offer to back up or recover your data. In facts, they are discouraged to do so. Just imagine how many lawsuit Apple will get into if they say they have lost all of your data.

It is always in the fine print that manufacturers do not take responsibility for data in your computer.

Don’t waste your time seeking help from the manufacturers for the above.

Unlike the manufacturers, local computer repairers like us will repair what they can, plus the things that they cannot repair for you. Because, it is within our expertise and is our main business to do so (we are not retailers nor manufacturers).

Need same-day computer repairs and IT services?

Safemode Computer Service is rated in the Best 3 computer repair centers in Sydney from 2016 to 2023. Walk-in or book an appointment to get a Free quote today.

Let us help you. Our data recovery services for computer, laptop, Apple Mac in Sydney include:

  • Data recovery from broken computers, notebook laptops, Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Pro, Apple PowerBook, Apple iMac, Apple Mac Pro, Apple MacBook Air computers.
  • Save data from virus-infected computers, PC, notebook laptops, Apple Mac computers.
  • Data recovery on Apple Mac computers not booting, not turning on, or having problem with blank grey screen at startup.

  • Data recovery on Windows PC computers, notebook laptops not booting, not turning on, or having problem with black screen at startup.
  • Recover data from damaged USB flash drive, USB external hard drive if possible.
  • Recover data from damaged hard drives if possible.
  • Recover accidentally deleted files or folders.
  • Help to set up automatic backup for your computers.
  • If your data is unrecoverable, we refer you to other companies that might be able to assist you further.

If your data is at risk, stop using the computer, don’t wait until it’s too late, talk to our technicians today to secure your valuable data.

Our data recovery services offer you these guarantees

Our data recovery service comes with No data no fee guarantee.

We also give an upfront, no-obligation Free quote before carrying out the work.

If we cannot recover data from your computer, we will refer you to other data recovery specialist who might be able to assist you further.

What if some data from my computer is missing after data recovery?

At Safemode Computer Service, we will attempt a second data recovery from your computer laptop for Free of charge if there is missing data from the first data recovery attempt.

After the initial inspection, we will give you a quote to recover data from your computer PC, notebook laptop, or Apple Mac computers / laptops.

If there are other tasks to be done and not covered in the original quote, we will endeavour to assist you for Free of charge.

For example, help to restore Apple Mail old emails, help to import Microsoft Outlook old email files. However, depending on your email provider, it is recommended that you contact your email provider or your company’s IT department to assist with your email setup.

Apple genius bar, and many other companies will not provide this offer because they do not offer No fix No fee policy like ours, plus they do not have the expertise to repair the additional unexpected damages.

What’s involved in a data recovery from computer, laptop or Apple Mac computers?

A data recovery from computer or laptop could be part of repair process, or it may be a standalone process such as recovering data from a damaged external hard drive.

It may involves removing the storage hard drive from your computer or laptop, or removing hard drive from its external case. Then, connecting the drive to our own computer and initiate scans to find recoverable data.

Computers, PCs, notebook laptops, including Apple Mac computers are expected to last 3-4 years then it will need to be fixed. If you’re unlucky, it will only last 1-2 years. When the computer breaks down and repairs is needed, data recovery service may be required then.

When your computer laptop breaks down, your data is always at risk. It’s recommended to keep regular backup of your data to prevent data loss when your computer breaks down.

Need same-day computer repairs and IT services?

Safemode Computer Service is rated in the Best 3 computer repair centers in Sydney from 2016 to 2023. Walk-in or book an appointment to get a Free quote today.