Dell Computer Repairs 101

Dell is one of the leading computer PC makers. They are popular and many are well-built. If your Dell computer is dying, we can repair it. See our award-winning Sydney computer repairs.

Dell computer repair is what we do every day. It’s not that Dell computers are bad. Breakdowns are unavoidable when your Dell computer is a few years old and it needs some surgery to bring it back to life.

We’re the experts at Dell computer repairs, laptop repairs, virus removal, data recovery and other hardware repairs.

Don’t give up on your Dell computer just yet, we can repair your computer.

We don’t outsource any work to another technician. We repair all Dell computers in our computer repairs shop with our own technicians. Hence our computer technicians are experienced with every problem your Dell laptop may have.

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6 reasons to choose us for Dell laptop computer repairs

  1. On-the-spot Free quote: when you bring your computer in, we’ll test and give you a Free quote on the spot.
  2. Same-day Dell laptop computer repairs for most*: we carry common spare parts to do repairs on the same day (eg hard drives, solid state drives, RAM, power supply unit).
  3. High-quality Dell spare parts: we use genuine Dell spare parts, or even better quality spare parts whenever it’s available.
  4. No Fix No Fee policy: we understand that we’re only human and sometimes your Dell laptop computer cannot be repaired. You’ll get your money back when our Dell laptop computer repair mission bears no success. Provided that you’ve followed our recommended solution.
  5. Drop off at our workshop, or we come to you: we can arrange a computer technician to be at your home or office, or you can drop off your Dell laptop to our shop for faster services, 7 days a week.
  6. Lowest price guaranteed: for repairs at our shop, we’ll beat any competitor’s quote by 5%. Simply show their formal quote to us for reference.
  7. A greener planet: we are firm believers in repairs and recycling. We support rights to repair. We also offer you e-Waste recycling for Free.

* Computer must be brought in the morning. Business days only. Subject to spare part availability. Excluding major repairs.

Before using our Dell computer repair services, make sure to check your warranty with your supplier or Dell Support. Check out Dell community too, it’s a good online forum for getting many answers.

We do not work on in-warranty computers.

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Dell Computers we repair

We have worked on almost every single Dell computer model in the market. Whichever Dell laptop or PC computer that you have, it’s likely that we’ve worked on it before:

  • Dell XPS laptops: premium material, stunning display. Dell XPS laptop is a popular choice for home use and creativity.

dell xps laptop rescue

  • Dell Latitude laptops: small, light, and stylish laptops and 2-in-1s designed for ultimate productivity. Dell Latitude is one of the best for businesses. I have one for myself and I absolutely love it.

dell latitude computer repairs and laptop rescue

  • Dell Inspiron laptops: come in a wide range of specifications and price points. Dell Inspiron laptop is popular for everyday use.

dell inspiron laptop rescue

  • Dell Vostro laptops: come with the right balance of business features and support. Dell Vostro laptop is popular for small businesses.

dell vostro laptop rescue

  • Dell Alienware laptops: iconic design and high-performance. Dell Alienware laptop is a solid choice for many gamers.

dell alienware laptop

  • Dell Precision Mobile Workstation laptops: Dell’s highest performing, most reliable and fully customizable client systems for professional applications. Dell Precision Mobile Workstation laptops are ideal for professional applications. You won’t be disappointed with this.

dell precision mobile workstation

  • Dell XPS desktop computers: for creator and creativity. Dell XPS desktop PCs are great for home and personal use.

dell xps desktop pc computer repairs

  • Dell OptiPlex desktop computers: reliable, solid, high productivity. Dell OptiPlex desktop computers are my favourite and many businesses’ favourites.

dell optiplex desktop pc computer repairs

  • Dell Inspiron desktop computers: entry-level desktop computers. Dell Inspiron is popular for home use.

dell inspiron pc desktop computer repairs including all in one computers

  • Dell Vostro desktop computers: come with essential features for small businesses.

dell vostro desktop pc computers for small businesses

  • Dell Alienware desktop computers: high-performance gaming machine. Dell Alienware desktop computer is gamers’ favourite.

dell alienware desktop computers for gaming enthusiasts

  • Dell Precision Fixed Workstation desktop computers: high-quality, high-performance, highly reliable. Dell Precision Fixed Workstation desktop computer is an excellent choice for professionals.

dell precision desktop computer repairs, suitable for medium and large enterprises

We repair Dell laptops and computers every week. Though they are well-built computers, breakdowns can happen after a few years.

Practice makes perfect. When you’re surrounded by computers and need to repair many computers 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you’re bound to become very good at it.

How does Dell compare to Apple computers?

Dell competes with Apple for computer market share. While Dell runs on Windows operating system, Apple runs on macOS system which is vastly different.

Many will assume that Apple computers are more “premium” than Dell computers. However, this is not always correct. Dell also offers premium computers such as Dell XPS, Dell Latitude laptops (and more) that are in the high-end range that pack premium quality and features.

And a quick note, we fix Apple computers too.

What are the problems we can repair

Our Dell laptop repair team can help you with the following issues:

How much does it cost to repair Dell laptop computer

The price varies depending on the type of repair, make and model of your Dell computer. We use a price list to look up prices for each particular problem.

Rest assured that we always quote before carrying out the work. The quote itself is Free. You’ll know exactly how much it is so that you can decide if you want to us to repair your Dell laptop.

Software issue on Dell computer (eg virus), usually costs $50, $100 – $200.

If your computer has a hardware issue (i.e. hard drive failure, broken screen), it will involve cost for spare parts plus labour, which price may vary from $150 to $400+.

Most Dell laptop battery replacement costs are between $200 to $300 but it can go higher in some Dell laptops.

How long does it take to repair Dell laptop computer

When you bring your Dell computer in, you’ll get a quote within 5 to 15 minutes. Our technician will do the testing on the spot when you bring it in.

The turn-around time to complete the actual repairs varies depending on which repairs need to be done.

We carry common spare parts in stock to make the repair process faster. Most repairs on Dell laptops are done on the same day. Dell desktop computers are usually easier and faster to repair because parts are more accessible.

Difficult repairs such as keyboard replacement or water damage repairs will take a few days, typically 1-5 business days.

The quote will include an estimated completion date. We will look up part availability in our store, and at our suppliers to advise you of an estimated completion date.

When the repairs have been completed, you will receive email and SMS confirmation. We recommend you to pick up your Dell laptop within 7 days.

Uncollected laptops that have been left unused for several months may develop unexpected problems such as: the keyboard stops working, the fan becomes noisy, or the hard drive goes faulty. This is common.

Uncollected desktop computers may develop fan noise due to dust and rust built up inside the computer. Overheating is less common for desktop computers but the noise may become unpleaseant.

Can you rescue data on my Dell computer?

In most cases, Yes.

Dell uses standard parts that are widely available in the market and accessible for our computer technicians to attempt data recovery.

This is an advantage of Dell laptops and desktop computers compared to Apple laptops and desktop Mac. Rescuing data from apple laptops are harder, sometimes impossible.

If your Dell laptop has a broken screen or keyboard problem, then the chance of rescuing your data is higher because the data is likely unaffected.

If your Dell laptop has water damage, the water may have damaged the hard drive. This increases the chance of data loss. Having a backup is critical in this case.

Regardless of what repair it is, or how skilfully our computer repair experts are, keeping a regular backup of your data is always the best way to keep your data safe.

To learn more about how to back up your data, you can follow our data backup guide.

What guarantees from your repair services?

We understand that unexpected issues may arise from time to time. Hence, we offer 3 month (90 day) guarantee on labour, plus 3 month (90 day) or 1 year on spare parts.

The 3-month guarantee is applied on repairs such as water damage repairs, keyboard replacement which covers labour costs.

Spare parts such as new hard drives, new RAM, new battery, new screen comes with 1-year warranty as provided by our suppliers. The warranty covers any defects that may develop in the part during the warranty period.

The good news is that most Dell computers use standard spare parts that are widely available in the market and come with 1-year manufacturer warranty. Some come with a 3 or 5-year warranty.

Note that the warranty does not cover accidental damage or breakage caused by your wrong-doings such as drop, knock, water spill, or if the part has been repaired by another technician after we’ve returned the computer to you.

What if I find something else wrong with my laptop?

Rest assured, we will repair other components Free of charge if it is within reasonable cost.

After the initial inspection, we will give you a quote to repair your Dell laptop (or Dell desktop computer).

If there are other small components that were found damaged and not covered in the original quote, we will repair them for Free too.

If the damaged components are expensive and will alter the price significantly, we will advise you early and give you the option to either pay the difference to repair the extra components or to cancel the repairs and pay nothing.

The majority of Dell laptops and desktop computers use standard spare parts that come with 1-year warranty which makes the repairs process easier.

After our Dell computer repairs mission is successful, it will come with 90-day guarantee, plus No fix No fee guarantee. See our full guarantee statement here.

Can you help with other problems too?

In most cases, Yes.

Our team is not only experienced with hardware issues on Dell but also with software issues.

We are experienced with:

  • Setting up emails in Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail for Telstra Bigpond, Optus, Gmail, Hotmail and other email accounts.
  • Experienced with POP3 and IMAP email accounts.
  • We can install printers and configure the Internet and network too. However, this needs to be done at your place where your printer and network is present.
  • Setting up automatic backup using Windows’ built-in backup and restoring data from it.

Do I need to book appointment?

No. We accept walk-in 7 days a week.

You can call us or use our online appointment to book appointments. But it’s not necessary.

We have decided to make it easy for all of our customers by not requiring appointments.

Over the years, we have developed an in-house testing systems that significantly improve our speed of testing and quoting, hence reducing waiting time so that we can provide diagnostic and quote quickly.

If another customer is being served when you come in, the wait is usually short (a few minutes).

We maintain a comprehensive, reusable price list to make it easier for us and for our customers. This helps us to provide quicker services and able to accept walk-in.

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