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Frequently Asked Questions

We can only help install a printer onto your computer, and fix connection issues between your computer to your printer.

If your printer has mechanical problems, we cannot repair it because we have no experience in this nor access to its spare parts.

We offer these guarantees:

  • No Fix No Fee: if you’ve followed our recommended resolutions and your computer is still not fixed, we will attempt to fix it again free of charge. If the problem cannot be fixed for good, you will receive a full refund.
  • One (1) year guarantee: if we’ve successfully repaired your computer, the work will come with one (1) year guarantee on the same problem.

Terms and conditions apply.

We can replace screens for laptops only, but we do not work on standalone monitors nor TVs.

When you bring your computer to our store, diagnosing and quoting are done straight away while you wait. Generally waiting time is less than 10 minutes.

Yes, absolutely. We’ve fixed Windows 98, Windows XP, 2002 – 2008 Apple computers and we can fix yours too. Having said that, when a computer is too old, spare parts for it will become scarce in the market and takes more time to order in. As long as spare parts for your computer are available within your budget, we can repair it.

Yes. We offer a FREE rental computer while your computer is fixed with us. We have both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers for rental. The rental is free for you to use until your computer is repaired by us. You’ll need to make sure the rental computer is well looked after while it’s under your care and is returned to us within 7 days after your computer is fixed and ready.

Appointment is not required to bring computer in. However, we recommend to book an appointment for best experience and to make sure that our technician is available at the time you come in and reduce waiting time. You can book an appointment online. Please allow approximately 5-15 minutes for the appointment. Our technician will diagnose your computer and give you a quote for repairs. The appointment is FREE.

For public holidays or days that are close to public holidays (e.g. Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve), please check our trading hours closer to public holidays.

We accept walk-in at our store. Waiting time is usually less than 5 minutes. You can also book an appointment online (optional). We can arrange pickup and delivery for your convenience, please call us for this.

We offer Free Pickup and Free Delivery provided that you agree with our quote and minimum labour charge in the quote is $99. Otherwise a small fee of $30 is payable for courier fee ($15 for each trip).

If you cannot bring computer in for services, we currently offer pickup and delivery for Sydney metropolitan areas only. This needs to be done by calling or emailing us to arrange.

We will need your full name, contacts and full address to arrange pickup and delivery. Pickup and delivery are done by courier or our own driver, whichever is more suitable (depending on your address, our schedule, type of your computer, time of the pickup, urgency of the problem, etc).

We are unable to give certain special instructions to our driver in person because the booking is made online. If it’s a business address, we suggest leaving your computer ready at reception for the pickup because the courier/driver might not be able to give you a call upon arrival and wait for the items to be ready.

Once a pickup is booked, please make sure to pack your computer (and its charger if it’s a laptop) in a protective bag or carton box, have it ready for immediate pickup prior to the pickup time. Please write your name, contacts, brief details of the problem, and any passwords along with the computer to help us identify the job when it arrives at our store. Please address the package to our store address (can be found on our Contact page).

If you bring your computer to our store, we offer a Free Initial Quick Test (15 minutes or less) and a Free Quote.

The repair cost varies depending on the problems. Generally, if it’s a software problem (eg virus, email troubleshooting), the cost is $100 – $200. If it’s a hardware problem (eg broken screen), the cost will include replacement parts and installation, which varies from $200 to $400+ depending on the specific model of your computer.

The prices are generic indicators only and should not be used as a formal quote. Our technicians will test your computer first to provide you with a quote for repairs.

If you need an onsite visit, we charge by hourly rate plus a call-out fee. Unfortunately, we cannot send a technician onsite to provide a free quote.

Free Tests and Free Quotes are not applicable for computers under warranty or covered by insurance, a quoting fee may apply in these instances.

When you bring your computer in, we will do a quick diagnostic and quote while you wait. This process usually takes less than 15 minutes. If it takes longer, we’ll let you know.

Our technician will check your computer and spare part stock level to advise you approximate turn-around time. Backing up your data before bringing-in will help reduce turn-around time.

For most common problems, we will complete the repair on the same or next day. However, if a part is not in stock, we’ll need to order it from our suppliers. The delivery time is 1-2 business days for express deliveries, or 2-5 business days for normal deliveries.

We stock common parts to facilitate repairs to eliminate the waiting time for parts. However, there are many factors that could affect turn-around time that is out of our control:

  • Another problem is found with your computer: it is not uncommon to find more than one problem with your computer. For example, your computer may have had liquid damages that damaged more than one part (keyboard/touchpad and motherboard are commonly damaged by liquid damages); a power surge can damage both power supply unit, and hard drive or motherboard or video card.It is important to understand that it is not possible to test “everything” on any computer, for example: if your computer has completely failed to power on, there is no way to test further on other components without a working part to turn it on first.
  • The computer problem is intermittent: the problem does not occur often enough and we are unable to replicate the issue at our store.
  • The replacement part is out of stock in our store at the time you approve our quote.
  • The replacement part is out of stock at our local suppliers at the time you approve our quote.
  • The replacement part is only available from overseas supplier: delivery in this case will take approx 2-3 weeks.
  • Part arrived is found to be DOA (Dead On Arrival), or damaged during transit.
  • Delays in delivery of part by logistic company.
  • We are given incorrect passwords for the computer.
  • Replacement parts are limited in the market.
  • There is an unexpectedly high number of jobs in the queue.

Data recovery can be time-consuming and take several days for data to be recovered and transferred onto new hard drive, especially when the old hard drive is faulty because the drive becomes very slow and may intermittently malfunction, or when there is 100GB+ of data.

It’s highly recommended that you have a backup of your data before sending us the computer for faster turn-around time. A free rental computer can be arranged upon request (subject to stock availability). The rental computer may not have any of your data in it, you should use data from your backup.

* Business days do not include weekends and public holidays. Our store is open during weekends with limited trading hours and less technicians. Most of our suppliers are closed, and no courier delivery can be made on weekends and public holidays.

Possibly. You can use our Quick Quote form to send us an inquiry. Make sure to include as many details of your computer including make and model, and details of the problems. If the problem is straightforward (eg broken screen, or faulty battery) and there are sufficient details about the computer, we will reply with a quote.

However, many computer problems require further inspection and diagnostic to identify the fault, and price lookup. In this case, we will let you know to bring the computer in for us to do further testing and provide you with a quote.

Payment might be required to proceed with the quote, depending on cost of spare part, estimated turn-around time.

No. Our services include labour and cost of spare part thus we cannot accept cancellation or change of mind. Once quote is approved, we will commence the work immediately, cancellation strictly cannot be accepted. Most of repairs that we do require further testing and spare parts. After the quote is approved, even if spare part has not arrived, there is already work done prior to receiving the spare parts, which include: further testing, partial/full disassembly of computers, identifying parts, matching with our stocked parts and ordering in if required, final repairs, final testing and assembly.

We accept Cash, EFTPOS, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Direct Deposit, and EFT. There is no surcharge on VISA, MasterCard and AMEX. Direct Deposit and EFT payment must clear first before computers are returned unless we are provided with a valid remittance advice. Cheque and PayPal are not accepted.

No. In facts, it is not possible to test “everything” on any computers, simply because there is no tools to test everything. Some tests are time consuming, i.e. a full RAM or hard drive test will take hours to complete. Most testing tools are advisory only and not guaranteed to be accurate, i.e. video card and processor stress tests are not guaranteed to be accurate, there are several hard drive tests (short, long tests, read write tests) that it is not practical to do all hard drive tests. Some parts may have no existing tools to test, i.e. keyboard, mouse, speakers. It will be too time consuming and impractical to perform all tests on every component. Our technicians will run specific tests based on what we have observed and the problems that customers advise us. Our repairs and guarantee will be limited to the mentioned problems that we were aware of and agreed to be fixed only.

We always choose equivalient or higher quality spare parts or manufacturer’s genuine spare parts whenever they are available and the customer approves our quote. This is usually the case for laptop spare parts because spare parts for laptops must be replaced with the same or equivalent parts from the same manufacturer. For desktop computers, there are usually more choices of spare parts in the market, we will source equivalent or better spare parts if the customer agrees or we can attempt to find cheaper options to suit customer’s budget. There are times where genuine manufacturer spare parts are no longer in the market. In this case, we will advise you of other choices and get your approval

We might be able save certain data, but not “everything”. Saving data on a broken computer can be difficult, or impossible sometimes, especially in the instance of Windows/Mac OS reinstallation (i.e. virus issue), or a hard drive problem.

Files such as Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Emails might be recoverable, but software programs, settings most likely will be lost. Software programs (i.e. iTunes, MYOB, Skype, Office, antivirus, etc) may need to be re-installed from CDs, the Internet, the same way that you installed them before.

Your old emails might be back, but you will need to re-create your email account settings (email address, password, mail servers, etc). In the instance that Windows/Mac OS need to be re-installed, or hard drive needs to be replaced, it’s not possible to restore your computer to “exactly” how it was before it had the problems. The same applies to transferring data from one computer to another, it is not possible to transfer “everything”.

Keep in mind that it is always your own responsibility to have regular backup of your data and knowing how your programs were installed from the first place so that you can reinstall them later if required (for example, keeping original installation CDs and software licenses).

A good way to understand what can possibly be saved from your computer is to imagine that Windows/Mac OS is your house, your software programs are your furniture, and you may also many customisation, your own setup in that house (your screensaver, background photo, saved passwords, email configuration, settings etc).

When your computer crashes, it means that “house” has collapsed or burned down. We are the builders who help you to rebuild the “house” and salvage what’s left.

It is not possible for us to save “everything” from that collapsed/burned “house”. We can help to rebuild the “house” (Windows/Mac OS), possibly save one or two pieces of furniture (your software programs), but most likely your customisation, setup in the house will be lost (your screensaver, background photo, settings etc). You will need to know how you got the “furniture”, the customisation and setup in the first place to get them again.

No. We are independent from Apple.

No. In fact, it’s not possible for us to check. Your computer might be disassembled during testing which may void your warranty. Thus please make sure to check your purchase records for possible warranty cover before sending the computer to us.

Yes. Delays will most likely occur if you do not give us the correct computer password on your computer. We may need to remove the password if possible and sometimes data loss may occur if we do not have the correct password during repairs. We recommend that you remove any login passwords on your computer before sending the computer to us.

We may need a notice in advance. Your computer might have been partially disassembled during testing. Please make sure to give us a minimum 1-2 day notice in advance so that we can reassemble the computer for you to collect.

Yes. If you were given a Pickup Slip/Work Order paper, please present it when picking up your computer at our store. If you don’t have the Pickup Slip/Work Order, we may ask for your ID to make sure we are giving the computer to the right owner. We do not always verify a person’s ID if the person presents the Pickup Slip/Work Order so please make sure not to lose your Pickup Slip/Work Order.

Yes, most likely we are interested. Please see our Trade In page for more information.

Yes. Please make sure to tell us in advance. We may refuse to give computer to another person without a notice in advance. We may need to check that person’s Photo ID upon collection of computer.

Yes. If we have sent you a notification confirming your computer is ready, you can collect the computer anytime during our business hour. Please make sure to collect your computer within 7 days from the notice.

If a computer is uncollected for more than a week without any notification from the customer, we will attempt to contact the customer via phone call, or SMS.

If the computer remains uncollected for more than a month without any notification from the customer, we will, without notice, prepare the computer for disposal or re-sale to recover cost of repairs; data on the computer will be also wiped out without notice.

No. We do not provide printing, scanning, faxing services.

Yes. Please make sure to inform us of the delay via email, or phone call.

No. Unfortunately we do not have facilities for post payments. Payment is required upon collection of fixed computer.

No. If you haven’t heard from us, it means work on your computer is still under progress, or there might be some delay in the job, or we may have got wrong phone number from you. You can contact us for updates or any other questions.

No. We currently do not fix any mobile phones, iPad and Android tablets. We do fix Windows laptop/tablet (i.e. Microsoft Surface) that has software issues such as viruses, emails, Windows reinstallation.

No. We collect necessary items such as computer(s) and chargers only. Other items such as cables, CDs should not be left at our store unless they are required for the job. We encourage customers not to leave unnecessary items at our store because we are unable to keep track of these items. We take no responsiblity for loss of unnecessary items such as bags, CDs, cables, etc.

Yes for certain parts only. We only supply these parts for customer’s own installation: internal or external 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives, RAMs, Windows desktop computer power supplies, Windows desktop computer video card, internal or external CD/DVD drive for Windows computers, USB wireless adaptor, antivirus software. These parts or software are non-returnable and non-refundable regardless whether they solve the customer’s computer problems or not, regardless whether diagnostic was done by the customer or Safemode technicians.

Yes, however, the work will come with no guarantee and upfront payment is required.

Please work with your supplier to ensure the purchased part is correct, compatible and working before giving it to our technician to install. We do not provide any warranty nor guarantee on third-party parts, hardware and software. Any payment for the installation is not refundable in the instance that the part, hardware or software provided by the customer is not working or does not fix the problem, regardless whether the problem was diagnosed by the customer or by Safemode technicians.

Most likely yes, however, this may cause delays to the job and we may need to ask you to bring the computer back for us to check again.

Different computer manufacturers and suppliers are based in different countries and they have different systems to identify their parts. The systems are not standardised and they may request more details of the computer or the part from us. Without the computer, our technician is not able to provide them with the required details which will subsequently cause delays to the job.

At times, parts are not available which we need to look for alternative repair options which requires the computer to be present (i.e. sending the part to be repaired or exchanged). We highly recommend that you keep a backup of your data and have a spare computer to work with so that there is sufficient time for repairs. We can also provide a free rental laptop upon request (subject to stock availability and terms & conditions).

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