Anybody that owns a Windows laptop or MacBook should consider these three simple laptop repairs and upgrades when considering to update any older system into a faster and more efficient machine. These changes yet simple can significantly affect the performance and lifespan of a machine.


  • Solid State Drives


A SSD or solid state drive is a far superior compared to the older mechanical drive and method of storage. It’s faster in performance and can save boot up speeds on any machine. If your operating system is running programs that need faster load speeds or multitasking. Buying any SSD on the market will make a world of difference in terms of speed and work efficiency. SSD installations are offered at most computer repair stores along with disk recovery on both SSD and older mechanical drives.



  • RAM Sticks


If your laptop machine is running on a 4 GB RAM memory or below the chances are an upgrade will make the world of difference to your performance. The standard requirement for most laptop and desktop machines should be an 8 GB RAM memory to run and multitask most programs efficiently. Adobe Suite and memory demanding programs that require more memory will run less efficiently and encounter problems if the memory requirements are not met. It’s usually ideal to have free memory space hence an upgrade to a 16GB RAM memory should be adequate enough to feel a difference in performance and program multitasking. Although not a difficult task for most laptops repairs and services sometimes accessing a laptops ram can be difficult due to screws and placements.



  • CPU & GPU


Updating and servicing your CPU processor will allow your machine to run at faster speeds with more computing power. Although not as necessary when compared to the initial difference seen in the changes made when updating into a solid state, depending on the CPU upgrade these changes can affect your overall thermal temperature when running process demanding applications. Also too consider is servicing the CPU Processor with new thermal paste for temperature cooling and third party heat sink upgrades. All technicians specializing in computer repairs should have the ability to overclock CPUs and correctly handle and apply thermal paste to a CPU unit.


An external graphics card or unit known as the GPU is a very important component when dealing with animation, gaming etc. This component should be considered depending on your laptop usage. Most users are not in need of the latest GPU as the prices can be quite expensive and most motherboards are integrated with a GPU. An external GPU or hardware upgrade should only be considered when taking into account the graphical demands of the applications used on your machine.


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