In this article, we will give you instructions on how to activate Windows 7.

Windows activation is always required to verify that you have purchased Windows with your computer. The activation had been initially done by the manufacturer before you purchased the computer thus you might not be aware of this process.

If your computer was repaired, Windows on your computer may need to be activated again. If your computer was repaired by us, our technician would have activated Windows for you before returning the computer. A re-activation does not mean that we supplied you with a new copy of Windows, our technician simply used the existing license (which is a Windows 7 Product Key) that you had on your computer before it was repaired. This Product Key is located on a Windows 7 sticker on your computer or may have been extracted from your existing Windows system. If it is a laptop, the sticker is usually located on the bottom cover of your laptop, or under the battery. The Windows 7 sticker looks like this:


Take note of this Product Key. If our technician managed to extract the license from your existing Windows system, you will find a “keys.txt” file in a folder named with Job No – NSxxxxx (i.e. NS12345) on the desktop, or in C: partition. Keep in mind that it is not always possible to extract the license, especially in the instance of hard drive failure:

keys.txt file

Open this keys.txt file, you will also find the Windows 7 product key that your computer had before. If you do not see a Windows 7 product key in this file, it means your computer was using a different Windows version before (i.e. Windows 8 or 10, possibly from an upgrade).

If somehow the re-activation fails, you may get a message saying Windows is not “genuine”, this does not necessarily mean that your copy of Windows was pirated, this simply means it needs to be activated again.

To activate Windows 7, click on Start menu, then Right click on Computer, click on Properties:

Opening System Properties Windows 7

You will then see System Properties screen, click on Change product key:

Windows 7 System Property

In the next screen, you will need to enter the Product Key that you noted from the sticker or from the “keys.txt” file:


Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and click Next, the process may take a few minutes till you receive a confirmation saying the activation is successful:

Windows 7-activation-was-successful

Click Close and you can continue using Windows as normal. If you had a message saying your Windows was not “genuine” before, it should go away now.


  • Your computer must be connected to the Internet to activate Windows.
  • There is a limited times that Windows can be activated on your computer, it activating over the Internet fails, you will need to follow the activation instructions to activate by phone with Microsoft.
  • If you had a pirated copy of Windows before, it will remain pirated and the activation process will fail.
  • You cannot activate a different version of Windows with the Windows 7 Product Key. For example, if you currently have Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, the Windows 7 Product Key will not work.