Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a well known name in computer market. For many years, HP has been the world’s leading PC manufacturers. In 2013, HP was the world’s second-largest PC vendor by unit sales. HP manufactures a wide range of computers and laptops, common HP laptops are HP Pavilion series, HP Envy series, HP ProBook series, HP EliteBook series, HP Mini series. HP also owns Compaq, which is generally a cheaper version of HP laptops. At Safemode, our technicians have come across all types of HP laptops with different problems, from virus removal, cracked screen replacement to motherboard replacement, liquid spill damage repairs.

What’s inside an HP laptop, how different it is from other laptops

Most HP laptops have standard components as you would find in other laptop brands such as Dell to Toshiba: standard 2.5″ hard drive, standard SODIMM RAM, user-replaceable battery, standard LED screens that come in different sizes (11.6″, 13.3″, 14.0″, 15.6″, 17.3″). HP laptop design varies but most are designed to be repairable and faulty parts can be replaced. HP and Compaq laptops generally have very similar design. Compaq is usually a cheaper version of HP (with more plastics).

Similar to other laptop brands, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is integrated into the motherboard ins HP laptops, while CPU is separated which means you won’t have to pay for a new CPU if the motherboard needs to be replaced. Note that some HP ultrabook laptops may have both CPU and GPU integrated into motherboard, these laptops are more expensive to fix due to higher cost for parts.

DC jack power socket is usually replaceable because it is a separate part. Broken or loosen power socket can happen in HP laptops but not very often, unlike Acer or ASUS laptops where the DC jack is soldered into motherboard, which sometimes make it more vulnerable and easier to get loosen and broken.

The keyboard is quite nice in most HP laptops (i.e. HP Pavilion dv6, dv7 series, HP ProBook series, HP EliteBook series), while some series have less attractive and less durable keyboard (i.e. HP G6 series, HP Compaq series).

HP laptops usually have a good size touchpad, which works quite well. The touchpad works better than Acer, ASUS laptops, and some Dell laptops but not as good as Apple laptop multigesture trackpad. HP touchpad is not a replaceable unit though, it’s integrated into palm rest and keyboard top casing unit, which means the entire palm rest and keyboard top casing unit must be replaced in order to fix the touchpad.

DVD drives are standard in HP laptops and easy to replace.

HP laptop screens are usually standard and also easy to replace. However, touch screens are not. If you purchase a HP TouchSmart laptop and unlucky to break it, you will get yourself in a difficult situation because the touch screen is hard and expensive to find, or even not replaceable due to the lack of spare parts. So a tip here for future HP owners (and also other laptop brands): do not buy touch screen laptops unless you can guarantee that you will not break the screen.

Inside HP LaptopHP Laptop Motherboard
Inside a regular HP laptopA regular HP laptop motherboard
CPU socket (blue), integrated graphics (yellow), and RAM slot (red)

Pros and Cons of HP Laptops

Discussing the pros and cons of HP laptops will be an open debate. Our technicians at Safemode Computer Service have come across every type of laptops out there in the market, we have torn every laptop down to every single component inside. When judging a computer, we’re not just looking at its hardware specs, but we also look at the quality of its internal component, its repairability, spare part availability, re-sale value, etc. In our opinion, below are the pros and cons of buying HP laptops:


  • Many options at different prices to own one: HP offers a number of different types of laptops for you to choose and will fit into every budget.
  • Standard (non-touch) screen that is easy to be replaced: most HP laptops have standard screens that are widely available in the market and can be replaced easily.
  • A nice keyboard (excluding Compaq laptops): HP laptop keyboards are nice. Size of the keys are good. Distance between the keys are good and there is not much gap for dust to get in. However Compaq laptop keyboards are not good.
  • HP ProBook and EliteBook are quite decent and good for business use.
  • Spare parts are widely available: HP laptops are popular, and spare parts for them are usually easy to find. Unfortunately Australia is not the best place to look for spare parts (mainly due to high cost), but HP spare parts can be sourced from overseas suppliers too.
  • Spare part lookup is easy: HP parts can be looked up online. HP provides a system to look up parts, however this system may not be updated often. HP parts usually come with part number to order in the correct part.
  • CPU in regular HP laptops are separated from motherboard, which helps to reduce cost for replacing motherboard comparing to Apple laptops.
  • Battery is user-replaceable in most HP laptops.
  • DC jack power socket is less likely to be broken or loosen. The DC jack with its harness power cable is a dedicated part, which does not get broken easily.


  • Over-heating problem in many HP laptops: Yep! Somehow HP’s design make many of their laptops over-heat after just one or two years of use. For example, HP Pavilion dv6, dv7 series. Over-heating is one of the main causes for computers to break down.
  • Bottom case can get broken where hinges are attached to: we’ve found that many bottom case in HP laptops are easy to be broken where hinges are attached to. This makes the laptop screen cannot close properly.
  • Battery life is not so impressive. But this is the case with many laptops too.
  • Broken touch screens on HP TouchSmart laptops might be un-repairable. But then again, this is the case with many touch screen laptops too.

Our HP Laptop Repair Services

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