To ensure that your Apple Mac stays working at optimum capacity it does need to be regularly maintained. Even though Macs are hardy and are one of the best computers on the market, they are not immune to security threats and computer bugs.


Investigate Any Errors

If your Mac crashes or has any system errors investigate them straight away. This can stop a small problem turning into a large problem. Safemode Apple Repair Store Sydney can investigate any small or large problems that you are having with your Mac or PC.


Always Update Your Operating System

This will keep your Apple Mac performing at its best. When connected to the internet choose the Software Update command through the Apple menu. This will prompt your Apple to search for the most up to date Operating system and install it.


Use Security Software

Your Mac needs quality Antivirus and Antispyware programs installed to ensure that your data, programs and operating system are secure. Mac’s can get viruses too! Make sure that the security software is updated regularly.


Do Not Keep Unnecessary Files

Organise your files into folders and do not keep any duplicate files that are not needed. Some files may be able to be moved to an external drive. Having a hard drive full of files can slow down your computer.


Back up Your Data and System Apps

Data and system applications can easily be backed up onto an external drive, CD or DVD. Do this regularly to ensure that you do not lose data in case of system failure.


Keep Your Mac Clean

Regularly clean the mouse, keyboard, screen and other components of your mac. This will eliminate dust and dirt which will prevent hardware problems as well as make your Mac more pleasant to work with.

Macs are designed to be hardy low maintenance computers. A once per month maintenance procedure is sufficient to ensure reliability and optimise speed.

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