There are many reasons that your laptop may not charge properly. Firstly, check that your power cables and batteries are properly connected and that your laptop is turned on! At Safe Mode Computer Repairs Sydney, we have found 3 other main reasons that your laptop may not charge.

  1. The Charging Socket isDamaged

This is a fault where the area between the charging socket and the motherboard is damaged. This can be caused by tension from the power lead while charging, which commonly occurs if the cord is constantly in place when on a soft object such as the sofa, the bed or on your lap.

We can usually repair the power socket, however sometimes the socket needs complete replacement.

  1. The Charging Socked is Pushed In

The above instance can also cause the plastic surrounds of the charging socket to have become damaged. The charging socket is now actually inside the laptop. Bring your laptop into our computer repair shop Sydney area as soon as possible if this occurs. Continuing to use the laptop in this way can result in irreparable damage to yourdevice.

  1. Flat Battery

Your laptop battery may need replacing. Try removing the battery entirely and then plugging in the laptop. If your laptop works the case is most likely a dead battery. We provide computer repairs North Shore, Sydney CBD and Inner West areas and have a range of batteries for laptops on hand. Contact us to order your battery.

When your laptop is not charging properly it can be caused by a variety of reasons. The three listed above are the most common. We provide PC, Mac, Tablet and Laptop Service Sydney areas.We can also provide a computer support plan for both personal and business customers. If you have any queries related to notebook or mac repairs, Contact us!