Is your laptop screen broken but not cracked? We’ve created a diagnostic guide to help you understand and identify direct and indirect problems with your laptop screen.

Laptops are the ultimate all-in-one device. The seamless combination of hardware and software makes them appealing to many people. For this reason, they’re often the only device owned by many people.

Due to the integrated hardware and software, the cause of any laptop issues can  be unclear. A blank screen could mean a major software error, or it could mean that the screen is broken, cracked, or needs replacing.

Your laptop screen may need replacing if:

  • You can see vertical or horizontal lines on the screen
  • The screen is black
  • The screen is cracked
  • There are dead pixels on the screen
  • There is fluid trapped beneath the screen from a spillage

In certain circumstances, your laptop screen may appear black or blue (the BSOD, or Blue Screen of Death for Microsoft users). This may not be a fault of the screen itself, but rather an issue with the system.

In these cases, the system may:

  • Have crashed
  • Be completely out of memory
  • Be subject to a virus or hack
  • Have an external device (like a USB or hard drive) plugged in, which may be blocking the laptop from starting up  


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