As your laptop is a compact device breaking one component often renders the deviceunusable which can be very frustrating! However, DIY repairs on laptops are not recommended.

Laptops are Fragile

Laptop parts, particularly screens, are more delicate on a laptop than a PC and require careful handling and more expert care. Attempting to fix your laptop yourself can cause more damage.

Laptops are Technical

Laptops are far more technical than personal computers. You are in safe hands when we install your new laptop screen or make other repairs to your laptop. We have expert technical knowledge of laptop systems and can easily and safely install the new screen or repair the hardware without causing further damage.

Product Knowledge

At Safe Mode Computer Repairs Sydney, we have a broad product knowledge and stock many parts for laptops in ourEnmore and Neutral Bay stores. We have an expert knowledge of a range of laptop models and will know exactly what type of parts to use on your laptop. Laptop hardware is harder to source than PC hardware. If we do not have the parts in stock we can source them quickly from our network of contacts, and will have your device working at optimum capacity in no time!

The Laptop May be Under Warranty

If you undertake your own laptoprepairs you may void the warranty on your device.Devices under warranty must be repaired by an authorised repairer.

Your Laptop Will be Fixed Quickly

We provide costs effective and fast repair solutions to laptops PCs Macs and more. We specialise in laptop service Sydney areas.

For repairs to your laptop, whether it is the screen, hardware, or software,Safe Mode Computing Repairs North Shore and Sydney areas can help. We will have your device working perfectly in no time.