The Challenge

This Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop was only working for less than 30 minutes when it’s on battery, and the battery status kept showing “service recommended.”

They took it to the Apple store, hoping for some help, but guess what?

The store considered it “vintage” and didn’t offer any support at all!

Poor customer who had been left with no options. Tough luck!

The photo below shows the notification of the error appearing on the MacBook laptop’s screen:

MacBook 15-Inch Battery Problem Before

The Process

After being referred to us, we quickly checked out the problem on the spot.

Then, we wasted no time and ordered the necessary parts for the laptop.

Since the customer couldn’t bear being laptop-less for days, he chose to hang on to it until the part arrived.

The Result

The computer was ready for use on the next business day after we received the part.

The installation process took less than 4 hours, ensuring minimal downtime for the customer.

Now, the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop is now back to its old smooth self!

  • When the Apple stores seem to give up on old model laptops, we would exert our greatest efforts to revive it!

  • We gave a 1-year Warranty to provide some extra assurance.

  • Quality parts to make sure the laptop lasts and performs at its absolute best.

  • 4-hour installation process.

MacBook 15-Inch Battery Resolved Problem Screen View
MacBook 15-Inch Resolved Battery Problem Full View

Battery repair of an old Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop



Just in case anything happens, we got you covered!

4 Hours

Installation Process

We completed the repair in just 4 hours!


Success Rate

We made sure to use a top-notch part to bring the MacBook Pro laptop back to its old smooth self!

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