The Challenge

Here’s the deal: This HP Pavilion laptop hit a challenge where the battery just wouldn’t charge beyond 7%.

The customer couldn’t figure out if it was the charger, battery, or something else.

Picture of an HP Pavilion with Battery Problem A
Picture of an HP Pavilion with Battery Problem B

The Process

But don’t worry, we’ve got it all sorted!

We quickly diagnosed the issue in just 5 minutes and pinpointed the problem with the battery.

The best part? We had it fixed and ready to go within 24 hours, using a genuine HP part!

The Result

With its shiny new replacement part, the laptop is running like a dream, all set to serve its happy customer for many more years of smooth performance! 🚀

  • We used a genuine HP part.

  • Pinpointed the problem in just 5 minutes.

  • Completed the repair within 24 hours.

Picture of an HP Pavilion with Resolved Battery Problem

HP Pavilion Laptop Battery Problem 24-Hour Repair


HP Part

To ensure a perfect match with your device, we used genuine parts for the replacement. Your gadget deserves nothing but the best!


Turnaround Time

We fixed the laptop within 24 hours



Rest assured, with our expertise, we’ve got the know-how to fix these kinds of problems. You can leave the worrying to us!

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