The Challenge

The challenge was that the customer’s trusty Apple MacBook Air 13-inch laptop had been working great for over 8 years, but its battery was no longer holding charge.

The Apple store couldn’t help much since it’s considered a “vintage” model.

Below is a photo showing the error prompt presented on the Apple MacBook laptop’s screen:

Apple MacBook Air 13" 2015 Battery Problem.jpg

The Process

No worries, we are here to help!

Our solution was quick and effective.

We swapped out the old battery with a high quality one to make sure it lasts much longer and performs at its absolute best.

The Result

We completed the battery replacement within our speedy turnaround time and the laptop is now running smoothly!

Ready to continue its service as a trusty companion to its owner.

  • Completed the repair in just 24 hours!

  • We made sure to use a high-quality battery.

Apple MacBook Air 13 inch 2015 Resolved Battery Problem Screen View
Apple MacBook Air 13 inch 2015 Resolved Battery Full View

Apple Macbook Air 13-inch Laptop Battery Replacement



To ensure that the device is good to go for more years to come!



Battery replacement has always been a part of our skill set, and so we got you covered!


Turnaround time

We completed the repair within 24 hours!

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