The Challenge

This Apple iMac 21.5″ 2017 computer was knocked off the desk and its screen was broken.

Since Apple iMac computers sit still on the desk, it is not often that their screens get broken. This means there is less demand for replacing the screen, leading to less supplies of replacement screens in the market.

The screen is shattered leaving behind small sharp glass pieces. It’s also securely sealed to its frame with strong double-sided tape which makes it harder to be replaced.

The customer had contacted several other repair stores including Apple store but he could not find a satisfactory prompt solution. The repair cost would be over $900 and the spare part was not in stock or completely unavailable at many places.

Below are sample photos of the broken screen that we’ve taken during this particular service.

Apple iMac A1418 broken screen

The Process

It’s not the first time we’ve seen this. We had known that getting a replacement screen for this iMac would be difficult and expensive.

Since the iMac is bulky, we didn’t want the customer to bring it to our store just to give him a price. Thus, we asked for all the necessary details over the phone and email to look up the price and turnaround time before he came to our shop.

With many years of experience in the industry and a good understanding of the market, we were able to source a used replacement screen on the same day.

From our experience, the iMac screen can last easily for years. Thus, replacing it with a used unit is a feasible option. We advised the customer so and he agreed.

We have dedicated tools to remove the screen safely without causing further damages.

The Result

While “cheaper” is not always better, we have managed to offer a cheaper, faster, better solution for the customer in this case.

We managed to replace the screen at a 30% lower price than other stores. The repair was completed within 6 hours on the same day and the iMac was ready to go.

While this same-day turnaround time is not always possible with the lack of spare parts for this iMac in the market, we managed to achieve this feast this time.

Apple iMac A1418 after replacing screen
  • We revived the computer while Apple stores and many others said No to the customer
  • The cost was 30% lower than other quotes the customer had received

  • Completed within 6 hours and the iMac was ready on the same day
  • An affordable effective solution


Successful Rate

Given the screen is available, we have had a solid 100% success rate in replacing this screen.

6 Hours

Same-day Services

We completed this repair within 6 hours on the same day.


Effective Solution

Experience tells us that a used screen is sufficient for this particular Apple iMac model.

“Absolutely First Class Service. Quick extremely efficient courteous, I can’t recommend them any higher. All computer Repairs.”

Martin B

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