The Challenge

The customer had a well functioning Apple iMac computer but he wanted to enhance its performance for his architecture business, requiring maximum RAM for graphics rendering.

The Apple store couldn’t assist with upgrades and suggested buying a new computer instead.

Despite researching and purchasing the necessary components, the customer couldn’t install them himself.

Screenshot RAM
iMac Photo

The Process

We’re all about maximizing computer performance.

Getting the best out of your tech? That’s our jam.

We happily jumped in to help him wrap up the RAM upgrade using his BYO (Build your own) parts.

We’re no strangers to upgrading – we do it with our own computers and think everyone should too. 

The Result

Within just 24 hours, we successfully tackled the challenge.

The customer’s computer now operates at its peak, reflecting our commitment to delivering custom solutions and ensuring clients make the most of their technology.

  • The upgrade was completed in just 24 hours

  • Unlike Apple Stores, “buying a new one” isn’t our solution

  • We’re here to make sure your computer reaches its full potential

Apple iMac Computer RAM Upgrade


Custom Solution

We’re all about tailoring solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs.


Turnaround Time

Completed the repair within our 24-hour turnaround time

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