The Challenge

This awesome, dependable Apple iPad table with the big ol’ charging port is still kicking it strong even after a bunch of years.

The owner’s got 1930 photos stuck inside the old iPad, and they can’t be moved out.

The iPad’s operating system is old, so it’s not playing nice with newer apps, iCloud, or even Apple Mac.

Unfortunately, those photos are basically trapped inside the iPad.

The owner reached out to Apple for help, but they couldn’t do anything because the iPad is just too old to be used with other newer devices and iCloud.

Apple Ipad

The Process

So, after reaching out to Apple for some help, it turns out they couldn’t do much.

We provided a cost estimate over the phone, and we guaranteed that if we couldn’t fix the issue, there would be no charge.

We stepped in with a solution.

We went to work and managed to rescue all those 1930 photos in just 3 hours. 

The Result

We worked our magic and transferred every single one of them onto an external hard drive.

In just 3 hours, the 1930 photos were transferred and safe, ready to live another day outside the confines of the old iPad.

  • Solved the problem in just 3 hours

  • All 1930 photos were transferred

  • “No fix, no fee” guarantee is in place!

Apple iPad Tablet Photo Transfer


Custom Solution

We’re all about tailoring solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs.


Turnaround Time

Fixed everything within a quick 3-hour timeframe.

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