The Challenge

The Apple MacBook Air M1 laptop might be the winner of one of the best laptops in the market. But when it faced its oldest opponent – water, it lost!

The laptop had Windows BOOTCAMP installed. The customer had reported that some keys have become jammed and repeated itself when typing, rendering the laptop unusable.

The cause of the problem was unknown at the time. The laptop owner was unaware of any water spill. There weren’t any signs of any water spill either when we first inspected the laptop. We tested it and deemed the keyboard needed to be replaced based on our experience.

Apple store would never touch this laptop because they don’t work on water damage. They’ll simply tell you to replace the laptop entirely.

The difficult part of this repair is that MacBook Air M1 keyboards are notoriously difficult to replace. We knew this wasn’t going to a smooth sailing and we told the customer so.

Below is a video of the problem with its keyboard. When we pressed key 3, it became jammed and repeated itself.

The Process

Keyboard keys repeating itself is nothing new to us. We have seen this thousands of times and were confident that replacing the keyboard would resolve the problem.

It took considerable effort to dismantle this MacBook M1, almost everything from the logic board to every last screw on the keyboard. There, we found a visible sticky liquid residue which revealed what caused the issue.

The liquid was not water, it was possibly coffee with sugar for its brownish colour.

Apple MacBook Air M1 keyboard replacement
Apple MacBook Air M1 keyboard replacement
Sticky liquid residue on Apple MacBook Air M1 keyboard

The Result

We knew the repair needed to be inch-perfect. One small mistake would result in a significant delay and increased costs. Thus, we took the time and made sure every step was done perfectly from the beginning to the end.

The outcome: every single key worked as it should. All keys were perfectly installed like brand new.

It’s always great to hear the customer was happy with our work. He sent us a thank-you note via email. He has been our loyal customer for many years.

Apple MacBook Air M1 keyboard replaced
customer reply with a thank you note
  • Apple MacBook M1 vs Water: Water won
  • We revived the laptop when Apple store would write it off
  • Installation was completed within 48 hours of receiving the part
  • An affordable effective solution


Successful Rate

We have had a 100% success rate in replacing MacBook Air M1 keyboards.

48 Hours

Fast Turnaround Time

This repair is extremely difficult. We finished it within 48 hours after receiving the part.


Effective Solution

The cost was a fraction of a new Apple MacBook M1 laptop.

“Absolutely First Class Service. Quick extremely efficient courteous, I can’t recommend them any higher. All computer Repairs.”

Martin B

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