The Challenge

This week’s challenge comes from an Apple MacBook Air laptop that does not boot to macOS showing a folder icon with a question mark.

The customer reached out to the Apple store for assistance, but unfortunately, they were informed that the laptop couldn’t be repaired due to unavailable parts, and the most devastating part is that they were advised to buy a new one instead! 😱 ❌

This laptop was worth $2,300+ when it was purchased. Saving it would make sense.

Below are pictures of the folder icon with a question mark error on this Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop:


The Process

Unlike the Apple Store, we took on the challenge head-on and carefully examined the problem.

In just 5 minutes, we pinpointed the issue and determined that a new hard drive was needed.

We presented the customer with different choices for the replacement, allowing them to pick the one that best suited their needs; in this case, they chose flash storage.

As soon as they made their decision, we got right to work and swiftly installed the new hard drive. 💾

The Result

In summary, we swiftly addressed the challenge faced by the customer with their MacBook Pro 13″ laptop, diagnosing the problem within minutes and providing a viable solution.

With a quick installation of a new hard drive and a focus on customer satisfaction, we were able to restore the laptop’s functionality within 24 hours, accompanied by a one-year warranty for further reassurance.

  • Unlike Apple stores, we always do our best to resolve problems and provide solutions for our customers. ✅

  • Completed within 24 hours: Our dedication to efficiency means that we’ll have your laptop up and running as fast as we can. 💨

  • We provide a one-year warranty for your peace of mind! 😌

Fix For Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Laptop

Folder Icon With Question Mark. Not Booting to macOS



Because your peace of mind is important to us!


Turnaround Time

The device was ready for use by the following day!

“Absolutely First Class Service. Quick extremely efficient courteous, I can’t recommend them any higher. All computer Repairs.”

Martin B

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