The Challenge

The ASUS ROG laptop had been experiencing overheating issues, even after a previous technician attempted to fix it.

The processor and graphics temperatures spiked to 93+ degrees Celsius, even when the laptop was just sitting idle.

Asus ROG Before Repair
Battery Screenshot before repair

The Process

We quickly diagnosed the issue and provided a solution within 5 minutes.

The laptop was successfully repaired within 3 hours on the very same day.

After fixing it, the temperature was consistently in the range of 60-70 degrees Celsius, and it even passed stress tests.

The Result

The laptop was back to working perfectly, with a stable temperature range and improved performance, all achieved in just 3 hours.

  • Completed the repair within 3 hours

  • Diagnosed the issue within 5 minutes

  • We managed to bring down the temperature to 60-70 celsius

screen shot after repair

ASUS ROG Laptop Overheating Issues Repair



There are several ways to fix overheating issues


Turnaround Time

Fixed the problem within 3 hours on the same day!

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