The Challenge

This old Apple iMac 2006 computer was just hanging around, collecting dust. It had seen better days, but the owner figured it could still serve a purpose as a spare computer for the kids to play with. The only problem was, when they tried taking it to the Apple store, they were met with a firm “nope” – they wouldn’t touch it. 😑

Below is the actual photo and video of the iMac computer before repair


The Process

We love a good challenge! We knew this computer had potential, so we got to work. Our process involved giving it some much-needed TLC (Tender loving care).

We gave it a fresh start by installing a clean macOS Lion, and worked our magic to ensure it was running at its absolute best.

The Result

Guess what? We did it! Within just a week, we revived that old iMac and breathed new life into it.

Now, it’s humming along at optimal speed, ready to entertain the little kids.

It’s proof that even the oldest tech can still have a place in our lives with a little love and care. 🥰

  • When the Apple stores said “nope”, we said yes!

  • Installed clean macOS lion

  • We revived an “ancient” computer

Apple iMac 2006 Computer Repair


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