The Challenge

This Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop suddenly died, and it contained crucial data essential for a local plumbing business.

However, the Apple store doesn’t offer data recovery services, leaving the customer in a tough spot.

Below is a video of the dead MacBook laptop!

The Process

We quickly diagnosed the issue to be in the logic board, taking only 5 minutes to identify the problem.

Our best option was to attempt to fix the logic board without replacing it to ensure the data’s preservation.

The Result

Within 72 hours, we successfully fixed the laptop and managed to save all the important data.

The best part is that the entire fix-up cost way less than a quarter (¼) of what a brand new Mac would’ve set you back!

Now, the plumbing business can continue running smoothly with their essential data recovered.

Now that’s what I call a happy ending for the plumbing biz! 🎉

  • Unlike any other Apple stores, we provide data recovery!

  • The entire repair cost less than ¼ of a brand new MacBook!

  • All data remained intact.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop 72-Hour Repair


Efficient Solution

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