The Challenge

This Dell Inspiron 14 laptop had a charging problem – the owner had to hold the charger for it to charge, and the problem got worse over time.

She tried another store, but they couldn’t help and sent her our way.

Picture of a Dell Inspiron 14 with Charging Problem

The Process

No worries, though! We’ve seen this issue many times, so we quickly provided a solution right on the spot.

The laptop was all fixed and ready to go in just 2 hours!

The Result

So now, she can enjoy a hassle-free charging experience with her laptop, backed by our warranty and quick turnaround time.

Easy peasy! 

  • Completed the repair in just 2 hours

  • “No fix, no fee” Guarantee is in place!

  • 1 year warranty: Rest assured that your device is running smoothly for the long haul without any worries!

Picture of a Dell Inspiron 14 with Resolved Charging Problem A
Picture of a Dell Inspiron 14 with Resolved Charging Problem B

Dell Inspiron 14 Laptop Charging Problem Repair

No Fix, No Fee


If we can’t find a solution to fix your problems, you won’t have to pay a dime! That’s our commitment to making things right for you!


Turnaround Time

We fixed the problem within 2 hours on the same day!



Your peace of mind is our priority

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