The Challenge

So, this Dell laptop, not even 3 years old, decided to play hard to get with Windows 11 and ended up stuck in startup repair mode.

The owner reached out to Dell, but yikes, the repair cost was sky-high, plus it meant waiting for weeks.

But here’s the kicker, they really needed it fixed pronto, like same-day style.

Closed dell laptop
Laptop stuck in start up
close up Laptop stuck in start up

The Process

So, we jumped into action and did a quick diagnosis that took just about 5 minutes.

Guess what? Turns out the laptop’s SSD was the problem.

No biggie though, we got down to business and fixed it up within 3 hours flat.

Dell laptop internal

The Result

Now the laptop’s back on track, running smoother than a milkshake.

And here’s the sweet deal – we swapped in a fresh SSD that comes with a cool 3-year warranty.

So, no more booting blues for this laptop anytime soon! 🚀

  • The SSD comes with a warranty that lasts a solid 3 years.

  • No need to wait for weeks, we can provide same day repair

  • Fixed the device within 3 hours

Dell Laptop Fails to Boot Windows 11 Repair


Successful Rate

Given the SSD is available, we have had a solid 100% success rate in fixing similar problems to this.


Turnaround Time

We fixed the problem within 3 hours on the same day!



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