The Challenge

The HP Pavilion x360 14″ laptop suddenly stopped working, and pressing the power button had no response.

The screen remained blank and was not showing any image.

The customer urgently needed the computer within a week, and the cause of the issue was uncertain, ranging from a faulty screen to a faulty motherboard or something else.

Talk about stress! 😫

Below you can see the photo of the said HP Pavilion laptop:

Picture of an HP Pavilion x360 14" Laptop with an Unexpected Problem.jpg

The Process

We quickly diagnosed the problem, taking just 5 minutes to identify the issue.

Luckily, we had the necessary part in stock, enabling us to provide a solution on the spot.

We managed to fix the laptop within 4 hours on a Saturday on the same day.

The Result

The laptop was up and running again in no time, with a speedy 4-hour turnaround time.

Now, they have a fully functional HP laptop ready for use within their tight timeframe!

  • We offered a 1-year warranty on the repair to ensure the customer’s peace of mind.

  • Completed the repair within 4 hours!

  • Stock is on-hand, making the repair, easy-peasy!

HP Pavilion x360 14″ Laptop Repair


Successful Rate

Given the part is available, we have had a solid 100% success rate in fixing similar problems to this.


Turnaround Time

We fixed the problem within 4 hours on the same day!



To make sure our customers feel secure, as always!

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