The Challenge

The 13-inch Apple MacBook Air laptop is experiencing a black screen problem. The laptop turns on, but the display remains blank.

The customer really needs urgent assistance as it is crucial for her university work, and her valuable data is stored on the laptop.

Unfortunately, the Apple store was unable to help recover the data and couldn’t offer quick services to address the issue.

Below is the actual photo and video of the laptop before repair

13-inch Apple MacBook Air laptop black screen problem

The Process

We jumped right into action by diagnosing the problem on the spot, responding quickly to the customer’s urgency.

We gave them two workable options to choose from, all aimed at fixing the issue.

Plus, we didn’t want the customer’s university work to suffer, so we threw in a free rental laptop for her to use while we worked on the device.

Once she agreed to the plan, we promptly started the repairs and data recovery process.

The Result

We successfully fixed the laptop within an impressive 24-hour timeframe, ensuring minimal disruption to her university work.

Moreover, we were able to preserve all of the customer’s valuable data, guaranteeing that nothing was lost.

In addition to the speedy turnaround time, the customer appreciated the free rental laptop, which allowed them to continue their work seamlessly while their MacBook Air was being repaired.

below is the photo of the laptop after repair

  • All valuable data remained intact

  • Unlike apple stores, we provide data recovery and fast services

  • We went above and beyond to assist a university student by letting her use our rental laptop for free!

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Laptop Black-Screen Problem same-day Repair


Custom Solution

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Turnaround Time

Completed the repair within our 24-hour turnaround time

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