The Challenge

This Apple MacBook Pro 13″ laptop is displaying pink columns on the screen and experiencing flickering images.

The cost of screen replacement at the Apple store was truly pricey, and the estimated wait time was around a week or even longer, making it an inconvenient option.

Additionally, scheduling an appointment at the Apple store would require several weeks of waiting.

Below are sample photos of the pink columns.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Laptop Pinky Problem

The Process

We once again took on the challenge and quickly started figuring out what was going on.

In just 5 minutes, we successfully identified the problem.

Once we had a clear idea of what needed fixing, we wasted no time and got it resolved right away.

Also, we made sure to save the customer’s precious time in the process.

The Result

We managed to save our customer’s precious time. We completed the repair in just 24 hours, making the owner’s MacBook Pro as good as new.

We back our service with a one-year guarantee to give the owner peace of mind.

Quality replacement parts, ensuring that the repaired MacBook Pro 13-inch performs well and lasts.

  • Completed the repair within 24 hours. ⏰

  • Unlike Apple stores, you don’t need to wait for weeks for an appointment! ⏳

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Laptop Pinky Problem Resolved B
Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch Laptop Pinky Problem Resolved A

Fixing Pink Columns on Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Computer Screen



We want to make sure that customers are worry-free and at ease.


Replacement Parts

Ensuring a fix that customers can count on, one that lasts and stands the test of time!


Turnaround Time

We got the problem sorted in just a day, whereas Apple stores would take weeks to fix it.

“Absolutely First Class Service. Quick extremely efficient courteous, I can’t recommend them any higher. All computer Repairs.”

Martin B

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