The Challenge

This Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch was constantly flickering after another technician’s attempt at fixing it.

Frustrated and unsure, they turned to us for help.

The Apple store couldn’t lend a hand either because they were worried about dealing with the complications and costs involved in working on a device that had already been repaired by another tech.

The Process

Yet fear not, for we’re here to break through the barriers and find the answer! We are ready to work our magic and get that laptop back to its dazzling best! 🪄✨

We quickly sprung into action and diagnosed the issue within just 10 minutes. 


The Result

With our expertise, we fixed the laptop flawlessly within 24 hours.

The laptop is now running smoothly and the customer was amazed and delighted. 

  • We provided a 1-year warranty, ensuring the customer can trust their laptop’s smooth operation for the long haul.

  • Completed the repair within 24 hours

  • When the all-powerful Apple store couldn’t do it, we’ve got your back!

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch resolved flickering screen.jpg

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Flickering Screen Repair



Rest assured, with our expertise, we’ve got the know-how to fix these kinds of problems. You can leave the worrying to us!


Turnaround time

We fixed the laptop within 24 hours


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