The Challenge

A new Apple MacBook Pro 16″ laptop that is still covered by warranty, encountered an issue preventing it from booting to macOS.

The device was unresponsive, showing a completely black screen with a cursor.

Getting an appointment at the Apple store could take a few weeks, and unfortunately, they don’t offer data recovery services.

But here’s the catch: The owner really needs to keep all their data safe and sound.

MacBook Pro 16" A2485 laptop

The Process

In order to tackle this issue, we took on the task of resolving the booting problem with the MacBook Pro.

Through careful examination and testing, we were able to nail down the problem and figured out the best way to fix it.

The Result

In just two hours, we efficiently resolved the laptop’s booting issue.

The owner entrusted us with the device, dropping it off at our facility promptly at 9:30 am.

When they returned for collection just two hours later, the laptop was restored to its optimal working state.

We take great pleasure in sharing that all of the owner’s valuable data was preserved, ensuring their peace of mind and uninterrupted workflow.

  • All data remained intact!

  • Unlike any other Apple stores, we provide data recovery!

  • Completed within 2 hours!

2 Hours

Same-day Services

We completed the entire task within a short span of 2 hours.


Quick and Efficient Solution

Customers, fret not! We offer guaranteed solutions without the week-long waiting game!

“Absolutely First Class Service. Quick extremely efficient courteous, I can’t recommend them any higher. All computer Repairs.”

Martin B

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