The Challenge

This Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Laptop has a damaged screen.

The customer reached out to Apple and their authorized service center, but no luck there, they could not help.

Unfortunately, they no longer had parts for this laptop model, so they recommended buying a new one instead, which would cost at least $3,000 due to its high specifications.

Below are the photos of the laptop before repair

Apple-MacBook-Pro Screen-Damage

The Process

Since the customer couldn’t find a suitable solution, she was directed to us for help.

To save her time, we sent her a cost estimate through email so she could weigh her options before coming to us.

Thankfully, she was pleased with the solution we offered.

The Result

We successfully restored the Apple MacBook Pro to its original state within 24 hours.

  • We value the time of our customers, and so we provide timely solutions!

  • We always try to find an cost-effective solution

  • Completed within 24 hours in perfection

Apple MacBook Pro After Repair

This Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch Laptop Screen Damage Repair



Our constant aim is to discover solutions that are economical and efficient.

24 hours

Turnaround time

We completed this repair on the same day.

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