The Challenge

The owner’s old Apple MacBook Pro laptop stopped booting macOS, and finding a solution was difficult due to its age, making it hard to get it fixed by Apple or other stores, and getting the necessary parts was definitely a challenge.

This laptop had been a trusty companion to its owner, so she wants to get it fixed and keep it as a spare laptop.

Below are the actual images and video of the Apple MacBook Pro laptop:


The Process

We diagnosed the problem within just 5 minutes, we discovered that the issue was a hard drive problem.

The solution was to install a new SSD (Solid State Drive) that improved performance significantly and made the laptop up to 16 times faster.

The Result

The problem was successfully fixed within 2 hours by installing the new SSD, and now the Apple MacBook Pro laptop is working smoothly again.

  • Faster performance – The laptop is now performing much better than before, thanks to the upgraded SSD.

  • 100% Successful rate

  • Completed within 2 hours

Repair of an old Apple MacBook Pro laptop that failed to boot MacOS


Successful Rate

With the SSD readily accessible and our expertise, we’ve achieved a 100% success rate in screen replacements.

2 Hours

Same-day Services

We completed the repair within 2 hours in the same day

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