The Challenge

Worthless or Priceless? This HP Pavilion dv6 laptop was brought in with a Toshiba laptop. The 2 laptops are 12 and 8 years old respectively. But they aren’t worthless. The owner has thousands of family photos saved in these 2 computers that needed to be recovered.

The owner had accidentally deleted photos on the Toshiba laptop thinking the photos had been uploaded to her iCloud photos. However, the photos did not show up in her iCloud.

The HP has a problem that it shows a white screen at startup. The Toshiba laptop is in working condition.

After some initial discussion, we worked out that there would be 2 options: recover the photos from the Toshiba laptop where the data was accidentally deleted, or attempt to recover the photos from the broken HP laptop.

The customer needed a custom solution for this. Manufacturers would not be able to offer such services.

Below are photos and video of the computers.

toshiba laptop

The Process

We ran several scans on the Toshiba laptop but did not find the lost data due to iCloud security.

After some discussions with the customer, we recommended that the best option was to attempt data recovery from the broken HP laptop.

The Result

More than 10,400 photos had been recovered successfully, together with other files.

The recovered files were copied onto a new external hard drive.

  • All 10,400+ photos had been recovered with other files
  • A second copy of the data was copied onto an external drive

  • Completed within 3 hours

3 Hours

Same-day Services

We completed the data recovery within 3 hours on the HP laptop


Custom Solution

No customers are the same. We provided a custom solution to suit individual needs.

“Absolutely First Class Service. Quick extremely efficient courteous, I can’t recommend them any higher. All computer Repairs.”

Martin B

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